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Jakob Feinig

Jakob Feinig

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office: University Downtown Center, Room 447
Office phone: 607-777-9209
Fax: 607-777-7587


Jakob Feinig is a historical sociologist who interrogates the intersection of money creation and electoral democracy. His work looks at popular participation in money politics in the United States from the colonial period to the neoliberal present.

Feinig has published in Sociological Theory and the Journal of Historical Sociology and regularly presents his research at national and international conferences. He is working on a book manuscript tentatively entitled "How Much Money Should We Print This Year? Popular Participation in American Money Politics from Colonialism to Neoliberalism (1690 to 2007)" and on related articles that endeavor to enrich the sociological understanding of money from the perspective of popular knowledge and democratization.


  • PhD, sociology, Binghamton University
  • MA, international development, University of Vienna, Austria
  • DEUG, history and social sciences, Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg, France


  • Dissertation Year Fellowship, Binghamton University, 2014
  • Social Science Research Council-DPDF Fellowship, 2008
  • Graduate Scholars' Award, Binghamton University, 2006
  • Fulbright Fellowship, 2006

Selected publications

Feinig, J. (2018). "Beyond Double Movement and Re-regulation: Polanyi, the Organized Denial of Money Politics, and the Promise of Democratization." Sociological Theory 36(1).

Feinig, J. (2017). "The Moral Economy of Money between the Gold Standard and the New Deal." Journal of Historical Sociology 20(2): 315–341.


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