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Freshman year and first-semester of sophomore year

As a freshman and during the first semester of your sophomore year, you will be working on courses to fulfill your General Education requirements, as well as completing introductory social science courses.

General Education requirements

General Education requirements vary depending on the year in which you matriculate at Binghamton University; requirements are detailed in the University Bulletin for that year (be sure to select "College of Community and Public Affairs" in the "Undergraduate Fields of Study by Department" box) . For example, if you matriculate in summer 2018, fall 2018 or spring 2019 you would follow the General Education requirements as stated in the 2018-19 University Bulletin.

In general, HDEV students are required to take General Education courses in the following areas:

  • Aesthetics
  • Composition
  • Foreign language
  • Global interdependencies
  • Humanities
  • Laboratory science
  • Mathematics/reasoning
  • Oral communication
  • Physical activity/wellness
  • Social Science

Details are listed on the General Education website.

Introductory social science requirements

Three introductory social sciences classes (courses in the 100s or 200s) are required:

  • One must be from psychology (PSYC)
  • One must be from sociology (SOC)
  • One must be from anthropology (ANTH), economics (ECON), geography (GEOG), history (HIST) or political science (PLSC)

Many HDEV students also find it helpful to take:

  • The Study of Human Change (HDEV 100) as an elective in their freshman or sophomore year; this course provides first- or second-year HDEV majors with early exposure to the field of human development as a discipline concerned with societal, group and individual transformation
  • This is also a good time to explore additional areas of interest

Remainder of sophomore year and beyond

During the second semester of your sophomore year and beyond, you will complete the rest of the HDEV curriculum. This includes core courses and learning area courses.

Core courses

Each of the following courses is required:

Learning area courses

Two courses in each of the following core learning areas are required:

  • Theories of Human Development (HDEV courses 301 through 339)
  • Social Action and Policy (HDEV courses 340 through 379)
  • Working with Individuals and Groups (HDEV courses 401 through 479

Transfer students may also find it helpful to take UNIV 101: College Students in Transition as an elective in their freshman or sophomore year; this 2-credit seminar course gives students the opportunity to explore campus resources and potential majors, as well as develop skills in oral presentations, critical thinking and time management. This course can count for the oral communication General Education requirement.

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Last Updated: 11/2/17