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UUP Promotion, Reclassification, Salary Increase


A promotion is an increase in basic annual salary with a change in title and movement to a higher salary rank, resulting from a permanent, significant increase or change in duties and responsibilities, as a consequence of movement from one position to another of greater scope and complexity of function.

A reclassification is a change to another budget title (SL level could be higher, lower, or lateral) without a current increase in salary.

A salary increase can happen without an accompanying change in budget title but must be supported by documentation.  Sometimes, a salary increase with a change in campus title rather than budget title is appropriate.  Temporary salary increases may be in effect for interim duties and as such will include a date for the return to previous salary and duties.


The request for a promotion, reclassification, and/or salary increase can be employee-initiated or initiated at the supervisory level. There are two annual open windows at BU during which professional staff can personally apply/initiate a petition for a promotion or salary increase, the months of January and June.

A petition may be initiated at the Director/Dean level outside of these two windows when the request is due to significant organizational changes. Process for Director/Dean level requests.

Requests are reviewed by Human Resources for classification and salary level accuracy, and by the VP and Budget offices for financial planning and approval purposes.


Professional Employee Promotion/Reclassification/Salary Increase Request (including temporary increase)





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Last Updated: 10/31/18