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Frequently Asked Questions

General (Common Telephone Call Questions)

Can you give me the number to another department or individual not in your office?

How do I verify my insurance coverage?

Can you tell me why I did not receive a canvass letter?

How long will it be before I receive the results from the Civil Service test that I just took?

What is the next step after I receive my Civil Service results?

Can you tell me where I am on the canvass list  (Keyboard Specialist, Secretary 1, Clerk 1, etc....) ?

Can you tell me where to find any vacancy at the University?

Who do I contact for a reasonable accommodation?

Where can I find Reasonable Accommodation forms (ADA)?

What is your fax number?

Where can I get a verification of employment?

When can I come in to do a typing test?

Can you tell me how to get in touch with someone from Sodexo?

How do I change my address with Human Resources?

Why would I need to do a new I-9 if I've done one previously?

What is the tobacco use policy on Binghamton University owned property?

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New Hire

What documents do I need to complete my I9?

How often do I renew my I9?

When do I get paid?

Where do I pick up my paycheck?

What do I do with my time sheets?

Who do I talk to about my health insurance?

What do I need to do to sign up for direct deposit?

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Faculty Employment

If I start at the beginning of the fall semester, why does my pay start effective 09/01?

Why is my first check different from the ones that follow?

If I multiply my check by 26 (the number of payperiods annually), why doesn't it match the salary stated in my offer letter?

I am a full-time calendar year employee; I only have a work obligation during the fall and spring semesters.  How is my salary figured if I take the spring semester off without pay?

I'm wondering about the requirement to complete a leave accrual record if I did not take any time off.

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Professional Employment

I applied for a job online.   How do I check or update the documents I provided, such as my resume and cover letter?

If I applied for a campus position, to whom can I address my cover letter?

I applied for a job online.   Did you get my resume?

I sent a performance program/evaluation for an employee on my staff.  Did you receive it?

Can you give me the balances from my last leave record?

Where can I find a leave accrual form and instructions?

I'd like to hire someone for a temporary position.  What is the process?

How long may a professional employee remain in a temporary position?

What documents will be required for my new hire?

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How can I apply for a cleaning job?

What's the process for a promotion within the competitive class?

What is the performance evaluation cycle for the classified service?

I'm an "annual" classified service employee - when is my timesheet due?

My overtime/holiday isn't included in my current paycheck - why not?

Where can I find more information about Classified Service Employment (including exams, applications, promotions, canvasing, etc.)?

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Essential Employee Program

As an essential employee, am I required to report to work during an officially declared State of Emergency? 

Is there a charge to leave credits if I do not report to work as an essential employee? 

What is a directed departure?

What happens if I do not report and there was a directed departure?

As an essential employee, do I bank time if I am required to stay during a directed departure? 

What happens if I get pulled over by the police for driving during a State of Emergency? 

What happened if I get into an accident driving to or from work during a State of Emergency? 

I just received a new University ID card. Where do I get a wallet sticker?


What HR Form does the department complete to put a student on the payroll?

When will I receive my first pay check?

Where do I go to pick up my pay check?

I handed in my time sheet but haven't been paid yet---why?

Can I work on campus if I'm under 18?

Sometimes I'm not sure when my Student Assistant/Federal Work Study timesheet is due - especially for the end of the semester.  Where would I find that info?

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Graduate Assistant/Teaching Assistant

Am I considered an employee of the University?

I'm a Clark Fellow.  When do I get paid?

When will I receive my first paycheck?

Where do I receive my paychecks or direct deposit advices?

I did not receive my first check on the date I had expected; what should I do?

What happened to my direct deposit?  I had direct deposit last semester.

My employment is changing from the Research Foundation payroll to the state payroll.  Will I have to sign up for health insurance again?

I signed up for health insurance but haven't received a card yet.

When will I receive my final paycheck?

Who is my primary contact in Human Resources for questions about my GA/TA appointment ?

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How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Do I need to bring my direct deposit form to my bank and have them fill it out?

When will direct deposit go into effect for my paycheck?

Do I need to re-activate direct deposit every (academic) year?

I want my payments to be directly deposited into my ONLINE bank account. What form do I use?

When will I receive my first paycheck?

Where do I go to pick up my paycheck?

How do I change my tax withholding?

How soon do I need to submit tax withholding changes for a paycheck?

I'd like to claim exemption from taxes.  What forms do I need?

My permanent address is within the five boroughs of New York City.  How does this affect my taxes?

How do I get a replacement copy of my W-2? May I request replacement of W-2s from prior years?

This year, my W-2 reflects a much lower tax amount in block 2 than last year.  I haven’t made any changes in my Federal tax withholding allowances.  How could this happen?

I handed in my time sheet but haven't been paid yet---why?

Where can I get a new ID?

I lost my paycheck; can you help?

I'm a Classified employee.  Will I be paid "extra" money for working on a holiday?

How do I enroll in the US Savings Bond purchase program via payroll deduction?

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HR Masters and Coordinators


Who is an HR Coordinator?

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HR Forms

I've submitted a form and cannot tell if it is approved or not.  How do I know the status of my transaction?

What status tells me that my form has been final approved?

When does a form come off the "My Form" list?

Can I make changes to a form I've submitted before it reaches final approval?

I'm changing someone from Temporary status to Term.  Which form do I use?

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Rejected Forms

If a form gets rejected will I get an email notification?

If a form I did gets rejected how will I know why it was rejected?

How do I navigate to the comments section?

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What is a Role?

How do I know which role to select?

When do I select new role?

When do I choose a New Employee role?

Student Assistant Forms

What is the difference between a concurrent hire and an Assignment add?

When do I hire a student assistant as a new role?

When should I update the campus address for a student employee?

Do I have to put an End Date for a Student Assistant?

What if I want to end an assignment?

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Benefit Flags

There is no Benefit Flag for GA/TAs – what choice do I use?

How do I know which Benefit Flag to use for Faculty/Staff?

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Account Numbers

Is the account number mandatory?

What account do I use for GA/TA's that are paid under the Graduate School?

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HR Data Reports

Can I get historical data?

Where can I look up the N Number?

Is there a list of what each report will tell me?

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Position Request Form

When do I need to complete a position request form?

What happens to my position requests?

Do I have to request approval for adjunct positions every semester?

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Tax Treaty Questions

I received the tax treaty documents you sent to me.  However, I recently applied for my Social Security Number but have not yet received it.  What do I do with the tax treaty documents?

I received the instructions you sent to me to access the Foreign National Information System (FNIS) web site so I can enter my information for a tax analysis.  Do I have to enter information into all of the fields?

I am entering information in FNIS for "Step 5: Visa/Immigration History" about my previous visits to the US but cannot remember the exact date.  I can recall the year and the month, but not the exact day of the month.  What do I do?

I cannot recall the password I created to enter the FNIS website and I have not yet finished entering my information.  Can you help me?

I returned the tax treaty documents that were sent to me for my signature last week.  However, my paycheck shows that federal and state taxes were withheld from my paycheck this week.  Why were the taxes taken out of my check?

I am a F-1 or J-1 student who has been in the US for more than five years. I am a resident for tax purposes.  Can I also be a resident for tuition purposes?

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Time and Attendance

What holidays are designated by New York State?

Do I need to use the Holiday time that I've acquired within a certain period of time?

As a Classified employee, do I need to use my Personal Leave within a certain amount of time or can I accumulate it like I do with my Vacation and Sick time?

I've had a death in my family.  Do I have bereavement leave?

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General Benefits

The benefits that you are entitled to are determined by your bargaining unit. 
For more detailed benefit questions please go to the Benefits FAQ's page and click on your bargaining unit.

What documents do I need to provide for enrolling in health insurance/dental/vision benefits?

Who qualifies as a dependent?

Who qualifies as a domestic partner?

How do I find a participating provider for the Empire Plan?

How do I find a dental/vision participating provider?

Will I get separate dental/vision insurance cards?

Can I enroll or change from individual to family coverage anytime?

Can I change from family coverage to individual coverage or cancel my insurance completely at any time?

What is considered a qualifying event?

What is a co-payment?

What is a deductible?

I enrolled in the SUNY ORP with TIAA-CREF, however I have contacted them and they are showing an account balance of zero.  Where is my money?

I recently turned age 65 - - does this have any effect on my benefits?

I have decided to retire - what paperwork do I need to do?

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Who in Human Resources/Employee Benefits do I contact concerning my retirement?

Will my current health insurance coverage continue into retirement?

What are the eligibility requirements for continuing coverage in retirement?

Will I receive a new health insurance identification card after I retire?

Who do I contact with questions about my health insurance/prescription drug coverage after I retire?

What is the cost of health insurance/prescription drug coverage in retirement?

How will I pay for my retiree health insurance/prescription drug coverage?

How is the monthly lifetime credit calculated?

How will I pay for my retiree health insurance/prescription drug coverage if my monthly credit does not cover the full cost of the monthly premium?

If I predecease my covered spouse after retirement, can my spouse continue health insurance coverage under my plan?

How will my covered spouse pay for the retiree health insurance coverage after my death?

Can I change my health insurance plan after retirement?

Does my retiree health insurance coverage change when I, or my covered dependent, reach age 65?

When and how do I apply for Medicare B?

Is there a cost associated with Medicare B?

Will I be reimbursed for the cost of Medicare B?

How will I be reimbursed for the cost of Medicare B?

Do my dental and vision care benefits continue after retirement?

How do I notify my department of my intent to retire?

What information needs to be included in the retirement letter for my department?

Who else needs to be informed of my retirement?

Do I need to meet someone in the Benefits Office when I decide to retire?

When does the Benefits Office process my retiree benefits?

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I'm a new supervisor of a Professional employee.  How do I do a performance program/performance evaluation?  Where are the proper forms located?

Can you please send me more names from the list that we have canvassed?

Can you tell me when our canvass/posting will be over?

Can you tell me when our list is due back?

I'd like to hire someone for a temporary position.  What is the process?

What documents will be required for my new hire?

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Search Committees

Online Applicant Tracking through Interview Exchange

What does "online recruiting/ applicant tracking" mean?

How much has the process changed for hiring a professional employee?

Why did the campus move to online applicant tracking?

What if the search committee wants to print the resumes or samples?

What if a candidate sends a paper application through the mail?

How will a campus employee know if they are an internal candidate?

How will external candidates know the status of their application?

How is a search committee set up to use the system and view their posting online?

What if an applicant has trouble using the system?

Once the committee has sorted candidate materials submitted and "moved" them to certain folders, can they retrieve complete lists of candidates?

What about retaining files after the search has closed?

Instead of copying resumes of candidates we wish to interview/hire for the Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, can we place them into an online folder and let ODEI know they are ready to be reviewed?

Where can I see examples and learn more?

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Workers Compensation

What is Workers' Compensation?

What are the wage replacement benefits?

I need a claim number. What is this and where do I find it?


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Last Updated: 5/31/19