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New Student Assistant and Federal College Work-Study Student Employment Forms

Student Employment & Payroll

This information will assist you with employment and payroll related questions as a Student Assistant or Federal College Work Study at Binghamton University.  We hope that your employment on campus will be a enjoyable experience.

Where to find jobs?

Job postings can be found in hireBING. Once you have logged in, on choose "Student Employment."  This link contains a list of jobs for students who want to work while they are in school.  Follow the application instructions for a job in which you are interested.

All matriculated students have hireBING accounts. If you should have questions regarding student employment openings, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 607-777-2470. For assistance logging into or navigating the hireBing system, please contact the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development  at (607) 777-3283.

For more information on student employment please view the following resources here.

Departments who have their own job listings

  • Campus Recreation
  • Library
  • Sodexo
  • Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore

Why Work?

  • Career Development
  • Interview skills, resume building, work habits
  • Networking
  • Build self-confidence
  • Pocket money
  • Housing and food expenses
  • Academic expenses

Student Employment Criteria

Employees must be enrolled and regularly attending classes at Binghamton University or another affiliated SUNY campus (including Community Colleges) in order to eligible for employment. All students enrolled as half-time (6 credits; determined by the office of Financial Aid & Student Records) undergraduate or graduate students at Binghamton University are exempt from FICA taxes (unless in "career title"). Students on academic or disciplinary suspension are not eligible to be employed on these two student payrolls. While classes are in session, it is recommended that departments limit student employees to working 20 hours per week (all jobs on campus combined, including private employers on campus).

Student Employment Personnel and Payroll Policy

Work Criteria

International student assistant employees can work a maximum of 20 hours per week while classes are in session as a condition of their visa. When classes are not in session, student assistant employees can work up to a total of 29 hours per week (all student employment combined) per SUNY policy. It is the responsibility of the student and the department to ensure hourly limits are adhered to. Please note, the 29 hour per week limit does not apply to Federal College Work Study employees.

Federal College Work-Study

Federal College Work Study (FCWS) employees must receive an allocation from Financial Aid. This is accomplished by completing the FAFSA and having demonstrated financial need according to the Department of Education guidelines. To earn federal work-study money, you must obtain an FWS job on campus. Please note, students can only work in one department at a time as a federal college work study. Another option is Community Service FWS jobs -- for this program, you must be federal work-study eligible, and be matched with an agency which has a contract with Financial Aid plus federal government split funds. Please use generic line number 80000 to appoint all new FCWS employees on HR Forms.

  • All Federal College-Work Study employees may begin working for the new academic year on 08/23/2018.
  • Federal College Work-Study employees with full academic year grants must stop work effective 05/17/2019.
28023-Federal College Work-Study Timesheet and Instructions

  Student Assistant

Student Assistant employees can work through the summer as long as they are registered for the upcoming semester.  It is required that you bring a copy of your registration or class schedule to Human Resources.  This entitles you to be tax exempt during the summer.

Graduating seniors on the Student Assistant payroll may not work past 5/19/2019 unless they are going to be attending a SUNY college or university for advanced degrees in the fall. Please use generic line number 20000 to appoint all new Student Assistant employees on HR Forms.

28021-Student Assistant Timesheet and Instructions

Pay Rates

Student Assistant & Federal College Work Study students can be paid a minimum of $10.40 per hour and a maximum of $21.89 per hour.

Congratulations on getting a job on campus! Here's what will happen now. . .

  1. Your department will send an electronic form to Human Resources with your hire information.
  2. You'll complete your new employee forms (below).
  3. Each pay period you'll submit a timesheet to your supervisor for approval.
  4. Your paychecks will be available at the Student Payroll Service Center in the Couper Administration Building 2nd Floor, Room 225. Photo ID required for pickup.  If this is your first time on the payroll, there is an initial delay of several weeks before you will receive your first paycheck. 

Retirement System

As employees of New York State, Student Assistants and Federal Work Study students are eligible for membership in the New York State and Local Retirement System. You must complete an election form to accept or decline.  Membership requires a 3% contribution from your wages.

Student employees are also eligible for a membership at the State Employees Federal Credit Union - SEFCU.

Student Payroll Service Center

The Student Payroll Service Center, located in the Couper Administration Building, Room 225, distributes payroll checks for University Employees.

The Student Payroll Service Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM throughout the academic year and 8:00AM - 4:00PM in the Summer months.

New employees must complete all of the following forms

1.  Employment Eligibility Verification, I-9 Form

(appropriate documentation required)

2.  Federal Tax Form, W-4

3.  New York State Tax Form, IT-2104

4.  Employee Information Form

5.  Direct Deposit (highly recommended)

6.  ERS Retirement System Info, Accept/Decline

7.  Agreement to Protect Confidential Information

8.  Campus Workplace Violence Policy - Please review, print and keep for your records

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Jessica Larson

Manager of Student Employment

(607) 777-3624

Bailey Benninger

Personnel Assistant

(607) 777-4850

Wendy Benscoter

Office Assistant 1

(607) 777-6959

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