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Weather Related Absences


Date:       October 16, 2017

To:           Classified and Professional Staff

From:      Joseph P. Schultz, Director of Human Resources

Subject:  Weather-Related Absences

I am writing to share our annual reminder regarding rules and regulations applicable to late arrivals, early departures and absences related to adverse weather conditions. It is important to remember that State facilities may be closed only by order of the Governor; however, university Presidents are authorized to cancel classes and recommend that only essential employees report to work in some situations.

All staff are expected to report to work as scheduled unless weather conditions are so severe that the university issues special instructions regarding opening or remaining open. In the event of severe conditions, the university will make announcements on local radio stations. Announcements can also be accessed by calling your voice mailbox or the BU Alert Line at 777-7700. Staff should monitor announcements for updates and changes as weather conditions change.   

The following represents a review of State attendance rules for your information:

  •  It is expected that all staff will make every effort to arrive at work in a timely fashion. However, there may be occasions when road conditions create an undue hazard. In these cases, supervisors,managers and department heads are authorized to excuse a reasonable amount of tardiness (that is, to treat it as an approved absence charged to leave credits) and not to assess penalties.
  •  Full-day absences resulting from hazardous weather conditions may not be excused, but need to be charged to appropriate leave credits if the department is satisfied that it was not possible for the employee to report to work. Requests to charge such absences to sick leave may be subject to medical documentation.
  • If weather conditions arise during the course of the workday, staff may request permission to leave early and charge appropriate accruals. Supervisors and managers will make every effort to approve such requests within operational need.
  • If severe and extraordinary weather conditions arise during the workday and the university is closed by order of the Governor, directed early departures are not charged to leave accruals.

Please feel free to call our office with any questions. Thank you.

c: President Stenger
Executive Vice President and Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans

Last Updated: 3/22/18