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Overview of Services


The Retiree Services Program wants to provide accurate and current information on the benefits available to Binghamton University retirees. As such, we have a RETIREE SERVICES BROCHURE outlining these benefits.

Employment Opportunities

Are you a retiree from Binghamton University and interested in part time or project work? Binghamton University departments occasionally have vacancies when staff are absent or to assist with special projects. Please consider applying today and email Corinna Kruman your name and contact information. 

Please visit the Division of Administration Policies and Procedures web page for important information regarding Re-employment of Retired Public Employees (Section 211 & 212).

Procedure to Request Services

As you enjoy your retirement, we hope you will consider remaining connected to the University. After all, you have invested many years here and it is our goal to share news and offer the chance to stay involved in campus life.

Please take the time to review the List of services offered to you and check those services in which you are interested.

Retiree Interest Survey

In order to serve the needs and interests of BU retirees, we have created an interest survey. Completing this SURVEY will guide us in creating new programs and benefits for BU retirees.

Retiree Profile
Luise-Charlotte Lappe

Luise-Charlotte Kappe
Math Professor
"It's a Wonderful Life"
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Last Updated: 11/1/17