2017-2018 Practitioners in Residence

Academic Year 2017-2018

May 2018

Barry Pousman Barry Pousman

Barry Pousman has recently joined the Institute for the Future, a non-profit think tank where he works on strategy and content initiatives. Barry is also a co-founder at Variable Labs, an immersive technology lab focused on creating tools for corporate learning and development. Variable Labs' clients include Google, Deloitte, Facebook, and other top-tier organizations where they create and consult on Virtual Reality content, platforms, and activations.

Barry is formerly a Chief Digital Strategist at the UN where he helped implement effective new media initiatives around the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals. In his work with the UN, Barry created seminal Virtual Reality films (Clouds Over Sidra, My Mother's Wing, etc) and viral video campaigns, organized General Assembly events, and public/private summits and workshops. His work has created measured real-world impact and has screened at the World Economic Forum at Davos, the White House, Sundance, won the Interactive Award at Sheffield Doc Fest and been written about in The New York Times, Vice, the BBC, and beyond.

Barry was also the Director of Digital Programming at Discovery Communications and a founding member of Discovery VR, where his focus was on science, education and global awareness. He oversaw multiple production teams and four digital networks garnering millions of views each week.

Barry is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston where he studied Visual Media and went on to serve with the U.S. Peace Corps in Senegal, receiving two Fulbright-Hays grants from the U.S. Embassy in Dakar for his documentary work.

April 2018

Juanita Goebertus Estrada Junita Goebertus Estrada

Ms. Goebertus is the former Head of the Transitional Justice Group of the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace in Colombia, former Deputy Director of the Institute for Integrated Transitions, and recently elected member the Colombian House of Representatives.

Fall 2017

November 2017

Eduardo Gonzalez Eduardo Gonzalez 

An expert in transitional justice, Eduardo Gonzalez formerly served as director of the Truth and Memory Program for the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ).

October 2017

Ambassador Mulamula Ambassador L Mulamula

Ambassador Liberata Mulamula, a career diplomat with 35 years of experience having served in various capacities at the Tanzania Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic missions abroad was the I-GMAP inaugural practitioner-in-residence. She spoke to several classes, met with students and faculty, and made a public presentation on the topic of "African Regional and National Mechanisms on Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocity: The Missing Link" as part of Homecoming events.