Research & Engagement

By connecting scholars and students with practitioners, we are working toward our mission to increase understanding, develop commitment, and build capacity for effective prevention of genocide and other mass atrocities, and to break down barriers and build bridges between academics and practitioners, across multiple disciplines, and among scholars, policy makers and civil society actors.

With this particular aim in mind, I-GMAP is deeply committed to research and engagement in three signature ways:

I-GMAP’s new MAP Project will utilize dynamic research teams that will be spearheaded by its directors, affiliated faculty, and resident practitioners, alongside students in I-GMAP’s innovative academic programs.

The Mechanisms for Atrocity Prevention Project

We believe that high-impact learning experiences such as internships offer students with meaningful experiences in applying what they have learned through classes on genocide and mass atrocity prevention in real-world settings.

Internships and Field Placements

Connecting Research, Policy, and Practice

Explore the Binghamton University Library Guide on Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention.

We are also actively working on projects with in-country partners in several different areas of the world. More information coming soon!

Below are some of the funded proposals through a Research Grant process in the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years. We now support Binghamton University faculty incorporating an atrocity prevention focus in their teaching and scholarship through the Curriculum Development Award (CDA) program. Visit our webpage dedicated to the CDA program.

Research Grants


Winning Hearts and Minds admidst Ethnic Furies
Funded: $5,000 (2018)

Sustaining and Strengthening Women's-Based Non-Governmental Organizations as Prevention Tools in Post-Atrocity Societies: A Comparative Study of Colombia, Myanmar, and the Great Lakes Region of Africa
Funded: $10,000 (2018)

Repression as Deterrence: Collecting Data on State Repression
Funded: $5,000 (2018)

Preventing Mass Atrocities by Promoting the Rights of Indigenous Populations: A Study of Country and Regional Network Efforts, Accomplishments and Lingering Challenges in Latin America
Funded: $15,000 (2017/2018)

Creating Safe Spaces for LGBT Refugees from Muslim-Dominated Countries
Funded: $6,000 (2017/2018)

I-GMAP is grateful for the generous support provided by the Charles E. Scheidt Family Foundation.