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A Long View of the Peoples and Communities of Maritime Asia

November 10-11, 2017

The first of a series of conferences on Asian Issues sponsored by the Institute for Asia and Asian Diasporas

Plenary lectures by:

ERIC TAGLIACOZZO (Cornell University)

Ghosts in the Machine: Technology and Maritime Imperialism in Southeast Asia

ANAND YANG (University of Washington)

Empire of Labor: Indian Convict Workers in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Southeast Asia

ANGELA SCHOTTENHAMMER (University of Salzburg)

Surgeons and Physicians on the Move in the Indo-Pacific Waters (15th to 18th Centuries)

RANABIR SAMADDAR (Calcutta Research Group)

Rohingyas: The Emergence of a Stateless Population


Program Schedule

The program for the conference is now available. All of the plenary and breakout sessions will be held at the University Downtown Center (UDC) at 67 Washington Street in Binghamton.


The celebrated author AMITAV GHOSH will deliver the keynote address: Embattled Earth: Commodities, Conflict and Climate Change in the Indian Ocean Region 5 pm, Friday, November 10 Chamber Hall, Anderson Center, main campus of Binghamton University



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