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 Arnab Dey 2019
Dey, Arnab
Tea Environments and Plantation Culture
Cambridge University Press




Olivia Holmes 2018
Olivia Holmes and Dana Stewart, ed.
Reconsidering Boccaccio: Medieval Contexts and Global Intertexts
University of Toronto Press




Andrew Walking

Walking, Andrew R.
Masque and Opera
in England, 1656-1688
(Ashgate Interdisciplinary Studies in Opera).


Benita Roth

Roth, Benita
The Life and Death of ACT UP/LA: Anti-AIDS Activism in Los Angeles from the 1980s to the 2000s.


Karen-Edis Barzman 2017
Barzman, Karen-Edis
The Limits of Identity: Early Modern Venice, Dalmatia, and the Representation of Difference (Art and Material Culture in Medieval and Renaissance Europe)




Jennifer Lynn Stover

Stoever, Jennifer Lynn
The Sonic Color Line: Race and the Cultural Politics of Listening (Postmillennial Pop).





Laats, Adam

Laats, Adam
The Other School Reformers:
conservative Activism in American Education.
Harvard University


Schleuse, Paul

Schleuse, Paul.
Singing Games in Early Modern Italy:
The Music Books of Orazio Vecchi.
Indiana University

  Tessman, Lisa.

Tessman, Lisa.
Moral Failure:
On the Impossible Demands of Morality.
Oxford University.



   Brinker-Garber, Gisela

Image in Outline:
Reading Lou-Andreas-Salome.
Bloomsbury Academic.



Gopinath, Praseeda.

Gopinath, Praseeda.
Scarecrows of Chivalry:
English Masculinities After Empire.
University of Virginia.

  Keith, Joseph

Keith, Joseph.
Unbecoming Americans:
Writing, Race, and Nation.

  Wall, Brian

Wall, Brian.
Theodore Adorno and film Theory:
The Fingerprint of Spirit.
Palgrave McMillan.



  Metha, Monika

Metha, Monika.
Censorship and Sexuality
in Bombay Cinema.
University of Texas.


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