Library and Information Commons Student Employee Service Desk Standards

All service desk staff are expected to observe the following when working at service desks in the Libraries or Information Commons

• Conduct all transactions with professional courtesy, respect, and confidentiality.
• Be approachable and communicate in a receptive and encouraging manner.
• When you are unsure how to help someone, refer the question to appropriate professional staff or other source that can provide the needed information or assistance.


The focus of your time while working is on helping patrons. To remain approachable desk staff do not use speakers, headphone or ear buds. They create a barrier between you and the patron.

When working at the desk look up often. When someone approaches the desk, stop whatever else you're doing and give your complete attention to the person requesting assistance.


Dress should be suitable for the library work environment and present a professional image. Clothing should be in good repair and should not display any potentially offensive graphics or words. Inappropriate attire includes, but not limited to, revealing clothing (e.g., bare midriffs, short shorts) and exposed undergarments. For safety, as well as appearance, shoes must be worn at all times. Please ask your supervisor what constitutes appropriate attire for your department. Footwear is required.


Covered drinks are allowed at the service desk, but no food. You should plan to eat meals when not scheduled to work at the desk. If your schedule does not permit this, meals should be eaten in staff-only areas or outside the service area. 


Library telephones are for work-related purposes. Cell phone calls during work hours should be limited to urgent issues or work-related communications only. Cell phone use should not interfere with your duties or approachability at the desk.


Personal or social matters should be taken care of on your own time. Please discourage unnecessary visits from friends or family during working hours. Personal conversations with co-workers should not interfere with your work performance.

If you are not scheduled to work, please do not remain in the service desk area unless you are actively engaged in providing service.


To maintain approachability and an environment suitable for consultation services, Commons staff do not listen to music or use other devices that create audible noise. Also, please be mindful of the volume of your conversation while at the service desk so as not to disturb patrons in the Library.


Library equipment (e.g., staff printer, copier, fax machine) is not for personal use. Downloading software to staff or public computers is prohibited.

Last Updated: 10/7/13