Keynote speaker

Brett Hamilton


Bio: Mr. Brett Hamilton was promoted to the rank of Senior Scientific Technical Manager (SSTM) and assumed the duties as the DoN's Distinguished Scientist for Trusted Microelectronics in Oct 2017. In this role Mr. Hamilton oversees full spectrum life cycle of scientific and engineering functions in research, design, development, testing, and evaluation of microelectronics, areas where he holds multiple patents. He routinely advises senior leadership regarding issues involving microelectronics trust and integrity, including testimony before the House Armed Services Committee on Oversight and Investigations and was recently designated as the principal lead for heterogeneous packaging within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD(R&E)).


Abstract: Supply Chain Threats and the Role of Heterogeneous Integration and Advanced Packaging to Help Mitigate

Threats to the microelectronics supply chain will be discussed, including examples of cloned integrated circuits that were analyzed at NSWC Crane. This will lead into an overview of ongoing OUSD(R&E) efforts to ensure; 1) Access to a multiplicity of modern manufacturing processes that require commercial volumes to maintain long-term viability, and 2) Protecting the IP of the parts that are manufactured. Specifically the role of heterogeneous integration and advanced packaging will play in accelerating technology transition in support of DoD’s modernization priorities, while reducing supply chain risk.