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Consultation: Our staff is highly experienced in electronic packaging technology. We are happy to answer electronics related questions, with formality ranging from a phone call to a full report.

Analytical Work: The IEEC laboratories are as close as a phone call. We strive for rapid response on all requests for analysis, with same day turn around if at all possible.

Environmental Stressing: Chamber time is easily scheduled, and often chambers are immediately available. In addition to the stressing capability, we can provide in situ continuity testing.

Modeling:  Microelectronic systems have peculiar thermal distributions, and are prone to a number of mechanical and thermomechanical stress failures. Finite Element Modeling is well suited for determining the thermal patterns in a given structure as well as the high stress points.

Reliability Assessments and Failure Analysis: With many years of experience in the electronics industry, the IEEC personnel have gained considerable expertise with respect to identifying failure mechanisms, isolating and analyzing failures.

Materials Evaluation: The laboratories available to the IEEC are well equipped for measuring material properties such as hardness, modulus, Tg, CTE, heat capacity and thermal conductivity, to name a few

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Last Updated: 6/21/17