2.5-3D packaging

CPI (Chip-Package Interaction) of High-density Semiconductor IC Packaging Technology
MJ (Myung June) Lee - Sr. Principal, Package Technology Development

A Manufacturable Implementation of Thin Glass for Next Generation Electronics Packaging
Shelby F. Nelson

Novel multi-die embedding technology with vertical stack in polyimide PWB for miniaturized SiP
Fujikura America, inc., Kazu Itoi

High-Density D2W DBI® Hybrid Bonding for 2.5D/3D Applications
Sitaram Arkalgud, Guilian Gao, Laura Mirkarimi, Gill Fountain, Cyprian Uzoh,Thomas Workman, Gabe Guevara, Bongsub Lee and Rajesh Katkar

5G Needs in Packaging

Transitioning Manufacturing Test Above 6GHz
John Ferrario

Electronics packaging symposium 5G Market and Technology Developments
Prismark presentation

Automotive & Harsh Environments

Copper Wire and Ribbon Bonding for High Reliable Automotive Traction Power Modules
David Benning, Danfoss Silicon Power

Automotive Electronics in Harsh Environments
Gil Sharon

BAE Systems: Design considerations for high power density systems in harsh environments
Matt Boecke


Glass-based hermetic micro packaging platform for implantable neural systems
Xiaoxiao Hou, Marc Powell, Craig Galligan, Jeff Ashe, and David Borton

Packaging and Encapsulation of Microelectrodes for Neural Interfaces
Jessica Falcone, Ryan Caldwell, Jason Wong, Tristan Liu, Maria Lopez, Timir Datta, Harbaljit Sohal, Loren Rieth

High-Density System Integration for next Generation Medical Devices
Christine Kallmayer, Fraunhofer IZM

Flexible & Addictive Electronics

Toward the Fabrication of Electronic Circuits without using Surface Mounted Components
Yuan Gu, Donghun Park, Siddhartha Das, D. R. Hines

Electronically and Mechanically Scalable Interconnect Utilizing Additive and Subtractive Processing

Additive Printed 3D Elements for Antennas and Microwave Circuits
Stephen Gonya, Lockheed Martin

Highly Stretchable Interconnects for Printed Electronics Applications
Toshiaki Ogiwara, Benson Chan, Steve Cain, Mohammed Alhendi, and Ken Araujo

Keynote Speaker Presentations

Packaging Solutions for ASIC Performance Optimization
Steve MacQuarrie

Advancing Integration for High-End System Packaging
Dale Becker, IBM Systems, Poughkeepsie, NY

Packaging and the Autonomous Car
Glenn G. Daves

Materials for Packaging and Energy storage

Making Impossible Connections Possible ZTACH® Pressure Less ACA Interconnect Solution
Dr. S. Manian Ramkumar and Justin Spitzer

Void-Free Copper Pillar Hybrid Bonding Using a BCB Polymer Adhesive and CMP
Michael Gallagher, Julia Kozhukh, Matthew VanHanehem, Ed Anzures, Rosemary Bell, Masaki Kondo

Graphite Foils in Power Electronics Cooling
Rick Beyerle, P.E. NeoGraf Solutions, LLC

Significance of Micro and Macro Packaging in Performance Matrix of Lithium-ion Batteries including Thermal Management
Shailesh Upreti, President C4V


Wafer-level-packaged Nano-gap HARPASS+ Platform: Towards an All-In-One MEMS Sensor Unit
Haoran Wen, Anosh Daruwalla, and Farrokh Ayazi Integrated MEMS Laboratory Georgia Institute of Technology

Inertial MEMS Sensors: How sensitive are they to environment
Gaurav Vohra- SR. MEMS design manager - MEMS R&D Autonomous transportation and safety analog devices

Constraints Based Development Approach to Systems-of-Systems
Todd Miller, Director of Microsystems

Sensor-Enabled Digital Health Platform
Ariel Cao, CEO, co-founder injectsense

Panel Discussion- Symposium Hall 2-4

Flexible and wearable integrated supply change challenges
Malcolm J. Thompson, Ph. D. - Executive director at Nextflex

General Electric Healthcare
Panel discussion - Craig

Pat McCluskey - Power Electronics Workshop

Wide Bandgap Power Electronics Workshop
F. Patrick McCluskey- University of Maryland College Park, MD 21042, Pritam Das- Binghamton University Binghamton, NY

Soft Switching Power Conversion Systems based on Wide Band Gap Devices (SiC and GaN)
Pritam Das ECE, Binghamton University


Design for Package Design for Test
Thomas G. Brown Test, Assembly and Packaging co-lead AIM Photonics Richard F. Otte, Promex Inc, IPSR Roadmap Team

Glass-based fiber-to-waveguide connectors for embedded optoelectronic interconnections.
James S. Sutherland*, Lars Brusberg, Douglas L.Butler, Jeffery S. Clark, Clifford G. Sutton, Robin M. Force, Alexander L. Cuno, Karl Heise, and Alan F. Evans, Corning Research & Development Corporation, Corning, NY, USA, Michael de Jong, Corning Optical Communications, Keller, TX, USA

Photonic packaging in standard, automated, microelectronic assembly lines
T. Barwicz, T. W. Lichoulas, Y. Martin, Y. Taira, S. Takenobu, A. Janta-Polczynski, K. Watanabe, E. L. Kimbrell, J.-W. Nah, E. Cyr, R. Langlois, B. Peng, R. Leidy, H. Numata, D. Childers, S. Kamlapurkar, S. Engelmann, P. Fortier, N. Boyer

Anti-Resonant Hollow Core Fibers and their Applications
Amy Van Newkirk, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor - Electro-Optics Center

Power Electronics

Additive Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Integration of Power Electronics
Emre Gurpinar - Power Electronics and Electric Machinery Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Advanced Power Module Packaging for WBG Devices: From Design to Implementation
Dr. Fang Luo Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

3D Passive Component Integration for Integrated Power Conversion and Delivery
P M Raj Florida International University Miami, USA Teng Sun, Robert Grant Spurney, Himani Sharma, Rao Tummala Packaging Research Center Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, USA

Soft Switching Power Conversion Systems based on Wide Band Gap Devices (SiC and GaN)
Pritam Das ECE, Binghamton University

Sensors and Embedded Electronics - IOT

Heterogeneous Integration through SiP – Technologies for Systems of the Future
Calvin Cheung & Bill Chen, ASE Group

Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) of integrated Sensor Comm. Systems
C. Mike Newton, nScrypt, Inc., Sciperio, Inc. Orlando, Florida,

Wearable hydration monitoring system
Andrew Burns, PhD, Azar Alizadeh, PhD, GE Global Research, Niskayuna NY

Thermal Challenges

Application of Phase-change Cooling in Electronics
Shankar Narayanan - Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Wearable Electronics for Medical Applications

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing: Demonstrating DoD Transitions for X-Ray Flexible Digital Detector Arrays
Eric Forsythe, PhD, US Army Research Lab

Technologies for Single-use Patient Monitoring Sensors
Dr Juha Virtanen, Principal Engineer / Wearable Sensors, GE Healthcare

Thread Diagnostics - Sensors, Electronics, Microfluidics, Drug Delivery
Sameer Sonkusale - Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Advanced Technology Laboratory 200 Boston Avenue, Medford, MA 02155