The Institute for Justice and Well-Being

The Institute for Justice and Well-Being

The Institute for Justice and Well-Being stands against systemic racism as we advance knowledge through scholarship and research, and educate ourselves and others in order to foster inclusivity, humility and empathy. The Institute is committed to developing, sharing and applying evidence that leads to the eradication of all forms of oppression and injustice.

About Us

Binghamton University faculty lead the Institute for Justice and Well-Being, a research institute that advances global health, progressive education and well-being for marginalized populations. The institute implements cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research and educational opportunities with communities and people across the lifespan and the globe.

The Institute for Justice and Well-Being was founded in 2009 at Binghamton University's College of Community and Public Affairs. As one of the most interdisciplinary research centers at the University, the institute fosters rich collaboration across University and community organizations. Our research associates span professions and disciplines including counseling, education, engineering, human development, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, psychology and social work.


Research Affiliate Participates in Panel Discussion on Mental Health in Schools.

Luann Kida, Research Affiliate, Social Worker, and Executive Director for Binghamton University Community Schools participated in a panel discussion that was held at the Binghamton University College of Community and Public Affairs, focusing on mental health issues in schools. She highlighted that stigma surrounding mental health may be lessening, allowing for more productive discussions on ways to support students and their teachers.

Binghamton University Fosters A New Generation of Educators.

Dr. Candace Mulcahy, Research Affiliate and Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership, has led new courses offered for local high school students, in efforts to attract and develop educators to the Binghamton area. Known as the Southern Tier Teaching Academy, Dr. Mulcahy and Binghamton University have partnered with SUNY Broome Community College to enroll local students in the two-course, dual-enrollment program to earn college credits and learn more about the education field. As the need for educators in the area grows, this program seeks to recruit future teachers at the local level and develop their skill set throughout their higher education experience, in order to create a positive change amongst their communities from within. Read more about Dr. Mulcahy's efforts to inspire the newest generation of educators in this article here.

Research Affiliate Presents in New Workshop Series.

Dr. Nicole Hassoun, Research Affiliate and Professor of Philosophy, is one of the presenters at the latest workshop hosted by the Center for Global Development, the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University, and the Independent Research Group for Global Health Justice to discuss innovative financing for pandemic preparedness and equitable global access. Dr. Hassoun has been a champion in this topic area as she continues to research and spread awareness about global health inequities and solutions to such issues as we address the threat of future diseases. Learn more and register for this event here.

Engaged Teaching Fellows Program Shines in Binghamton Community.

Developed by Dr. Candance Mulcahy, Research Affiliate and Associate Professor, and the Center for Civic Engagement, the Engaged Teaching Fellows Program has partnered with GiGi's Playhouse to support individuals with disabilities and give students a hands-on learning experience. By implementing this means of community-engaged learning, Binghamton University's students have been able to volunteer and learn from the amazing work being done at GiGi's Playhouse as they promote their mission of foster acceptance, promote awareness and share resources for individuals with Down Syndrome. Learn more about the lasting impact this program has had on the lives of students, families and community partners in the Binghamton community in this article and video created by Binghamton University.

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 College of Community and Public Affairs Research Excellence Award Winners!

Institute Research Affiliates, Drs. Hyejung Kim, Naorah Rimkunas, Amber Simpson and John Zilvinskis have all been recognized and awarded over $28,000 funding to forward their research endeavors! Thank you to the College of Community and Public Affairs and Division of Research for supporting the Institute's researchers. Read more about each of them and their research projects here.

Limited Submission Funding Opportunities for Faculty.

The following limited submission funding opportunities are currently open to Binghamton University faculty. To apply, submit a Letter of Intent Form to by the deadline. Information about limited submissions, the selection process and proposal preparation can be found on the Limited Submissions website. Questions can be directed to the Office of Strategic Research Initiatives (OSRI).

Building Community School Practices to Increase Attendance.

Presented by Jorge Blau and Ron Cope, this latest workshop from the National Center for Community Schools focuses on using best-practices to build trust and address inequitable politics that affect students and families. With the use of Thirty-Sixty-Thirty, this tool will allow participants to reflect on and discuss the relationship between equity and attendance, in order to move such ideas into action and better serve schools. Use this link to learn more about the event and register today!

Research Affiliate Honored by SUNY.

Congratulations to Dr. Mohammad Khasawneh, Research Affiliate, for being honored as a SUNY Distinguished Professor! Serving as chair for the Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering at Binghamton University, he has made a significant impact on the campus community as an educator and researcher, as Dr. Khasawneh's research efforts focus on healthcare systems engineering, operations management, and data science. Read more about Dr. Khasawneh and his work here.

Calling All Binghamton Researchers!

The Institute for Justice and Well-Being invites proposals from its Binghamton University faculty research affiliates for small grants for research related to global health, progressive education and marginalized populations. This year, the Institute has a total of $20,000 in grant funding to award to researchers, with a maximum of $5,000 for each proposal. Proposals submitted by April 22, 2022 are guaranteed full consideration, in which the review of proposals will start. To learn more about this wonderful opportunity, please email for any questions or submissions!

Learn About the Institute Research Affiliates.

This week, the Institute is featuring Dr. Monica Adams, Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work and Research Affiliate, who has spent 25 years working with disenfranchised populations to forward her social work practice and support the needs of community members. Her research spans various topic areas, in which she primarily works to identify health disparities and advance the role of public policies to address them. She hopes to empower other practitioners to develop interventions from a strengths perspective to help create an equitable society for all. Learn more about Dr. Monica Adams and her work here.

Career Development Series for Educational Administrators.

Based on popular demand, the Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership once again will offer their professional development series for early-to-mid career educational leaders. This series consists of five 90-minute sessions, facilitated entirely remotely, are designed to bring current and aspiring school leaders together to learn, share, and experience real time direct instruction, networking, and collaboration around necessary steps in career development: Job Shifts in Educational Administration, The Search Process, Scanning a District or School, Entry Planning, Interview Skills, Salary Negotiation, and Time Management for Educational Administrators. Participants can take part in all sessions in the series, or mix and match sessions to meet your unique needs; sign up today using this link to take the next step in your administrative career!

New Social Work Workshops at Binghamton.

Binghamton University's Department of Social Work is offering new, innovative workshops that focus on a range of topics for professionals in the social work field to better serve the communities which they serve. Learn more and sign up for a workshop here to advance your skills and be an effective advocate to create an equitable society!

Mental Health & Social Work: The Black Perspective.

Presented by the Department of Social Work, this workshop features a panel Black Social Workers in the Greater Binghamton area and Black graduate students pursuing their MSW to highlight the importance of representation in the social work field and promote awareness about the perspective of Black mental health providers (and social workers) when promoting accessibility to services. Learn more about how we can welcome change when prioritizing mental health and addressing needs unique to the Black population of our local community and sign up here.

New Career Development Workshop Series for School and District Administrators.

The Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership has developed a workshop series to provide the opportunity for school leaders to come together to learn, share, and experience real time networking and collaboration around 3 key areas of leadership challenges: The Nuts and Bolts of Building Leadership, Leadership for Schools with a Changing Demographic, and Current Issues for Women in Educational Leadership. All sessions have been designed to meet current needs, with direct administrative skill development that can immediately be used in the daily work as educational leaders. Participants can participate in all sessions in a series, or mix and match sessions to meet your unique needs. Learn more about this new workshop series here.

Nominate Unsung Heroes for Binghamton's 2022 Let Us Dream Conference.

Let Us Dream loves to spotlight those who actively make a difference in the lives of people with their selfless dedication to the cause of society and community. Know someone who is creating positive change in your community? Click on this link to nominate an Unsung Hero for Binghamton's 2022 Let Us Dream Conference!

Research Affiliate Awarded Grant From The National Science Foundation.

Dr. Amber Simpson, Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership was awarded a $1.5 M grant to create and support makerspaces for youth, in efforts for them to work collaboratively on projects and find support in times of failure. She outlines the importance of makerspaces due to COVID-19 to enhance learning for students during remote learning, while creating new, accessible ways to learn an array of content by attending, interpreting and responding to youth's experiences. Read this article to learn more about Dr. Simpson's project and the implementation of makerspaces in the community!

Institute Research Affiliate Awarded Up To $10,000 for Research Projcet Related to COVID-19.

Congratulations to Research Affiliate and Associate Professor of Social Work, Dr. Youjung Lee, on being one of three teams at Binghamton University awarded up to $10,000 for conducting research projects related to the Coronavirus pandemic! Dr. Lee's research pursuits look to assess the accessibility and effectiveness of telemental health services of marginalized and vulnerable children and families in New York State during the pandemic; in addition to, training social work students how to properly serve the high-needs of these populations through the use of an evidence-based intervention model. Read more about her research and the work of the other grant receipts in this article as they conduct meaningful work to protect communities from the detrimental effects of COVID-19.


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