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Research Affiliate Awarded Two 5-year Awards from the U.S. Department of Education totalling $9.3 Million to Expand Mental Health Services in New York’s Southern Tier. Naorah Rimkunas, Research Affiliate, Assistant Professor, and Director of the University-Assisted Community School (UACS) Regional Training Center, is principal investigator with Luann Kida, who is co-principal investigator and Executive Director of Binghamton University Community Schools (BUCS). With these grants, they will be able to serve approximately 3,300 students at seven schools with telemental health services while BU social work students will be trained to provide solution-focused telemental health services to youth and families; the grants will also fund services to approximately 3,700 students at the Chenango Forks and Maine-Endwell school districts through providing additional education to the social work students and bringing in families as partners to support the academic growth and social and emotional well-being of their children. Read this article to learn more.

Learn about the Institute Research Affiliates. The Institute is featuring Dr. George Homsy, Associate Professor and Director of the Environmental Studies Program, Associate Professor in the Department of Public Administration, and Research Affiliate, who has dedicated his professional life to researching sustainability practices and local government policymaking. His primary interests relate to the drivers of sustainability policy change and results of implementation within small- to medium-sized towns. Involved in a variety of research projects, Dr. Homsy frequently collaborates with the Interational City/County Management Association and American Planning Association to bring his research to life and ensure better community practices for all. Learn more about Dr. George Homsy and his work here.

Research Affiliate Honored by SUNY. Congratulations to Dr. Mohammad Khasawneh, Research Affiliate, for being honored as a SUNY Distinguished Professor! Serving as chair for the Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering at Binghamton University, he has made a significant impact on the campus community as an educator and researcher, as Dr. Khasawneh's research efforts focus on healthcare systems engineering, operations management, and data science. Read more by viewing Mohammad Khasawneh's profile and research information here.

Learn About the Institute Research Affiliates. The Institute is featuring Dr. Monica Adams, Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work and Research Affiliate, who has spent 25 years working with disenfranchised populations to forward her social work practice and support the needs of community members. Her research spans various topic areas, in which she primarily works to identify health disparities and advance the role of public policies to address them. She hopes to empower other practitioners to develop interventions from a strengths perspective to help create an equitable society for all. Learn more about Dr. Monica Adams and her work here.

Broome County leaders share Community Schools initiatives


"At each school it's different based on what the needs are. At U-E we've just started a program called the BUS Bucks program where we're looking at kids, predominantly kids that have difficulty with attendance, have poor attendance. What kind of incentives can we provide for them to be able to attend school?" said Binghamton University Community Schools Principal Investigator Laura Bronstein. Watch the interview