Honors Program

Outstanding students in Integrative Neuroscience are encouraged to participate in the honors program. Participation requires the preparation of an honors thesis that consists of a proposal, data collection, written analysis and an oral defense of the final thesis. Successful completion of the honors program results in graduation with distinguished independent work in Integrative Neuroscience.

Requirements and procedures

You may also view the requirements of the Honors Program in Integrative Neuroscience by going to the University Bulletin.

To gain acceptance to the honors program in Integrative Neuroscience, a student must:

  • have declared Integrative Neuroscience as a major;
  • have achieved at least junior standing;
  • have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and a minimum GPA of 3.3 in those courses taken toward the major; and
  • be accepted by a supervising faculty member whose research is in the field of Integrative Neuroscience.
  • When your committee has approved your thesis proposal, please submit a copy for our departmental records. Your faculty supervisor will submit an email in lieu of the required signatures of approval and will authorize your registration for PSYC 499 for next semester.

Advantages of completing an honors thesis

  • demonstrates to a graduate or professional program or future employer that you are capable of planning, following through and completing a project
  • provides tangible proof of your motivation and dedication to the field
  • shows that you understand all dimensions of the scientific endeavor
  • provides you with an opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor

Suggested timetable for completing an honors thesis

For detailed information about this process, the requirements, appeals, etc., read the Bulletin sections on the Integrative Neuroscience Honors Program requirements and procedures.

Junior year, spring semester

  • discuss honors project with faculty mentor

Senior year, fall semester

  • As soon as possible: Draft proposal that is acceptable to mentor. (Length and contents of the proposal will be specified by the faculty mentor.) Put together Honors Committee. 
  • Two weeks before meeting: Final version of proposal to committee.
  • No later than the last day of classes: Meeting with members of the committee. That same day, you should submit a pdf of your approved proposal using the online Honors Thesis Proposal form. Follow the instructions on that form to have your committee affirm their approval of your proposal.

Senior year, spring semester

  • As soon as possible: Draft of thesis approved by faculty mentor and schedule your defense time, date and location.
  • Two weeks before defense: Copy of draft to committee.
  • No later than the Friday prior to the last week of classes: Defense of honors thesis
  • That same day, complete any suggested revisions to your thesis and submit the final copy of your approved proposal using the online Honors Thesis Completion form. Follow the instructions on that form to have your committee affirm their approval of your completed thesis.

If you would like to see a sample Honors Thesis visit the Psychology/IN Academic Advising Office. Archived examples are available.