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This table contains a list of Integrative Neuroscience faculty and their research areas. Please see the respective Psychology or Biology Advising pages to find faculty office hours.
Faculty Research Areas
Christopher Bishop Neuroplasticity, Parkinson's disease and psychopharmacology
Nicole Cameron Neuroendocrinology, female reproductive function, maternal care, sexual behavior
Anne Barrett Clark Evolution and ecology of behavior; behavioral development and life histories of birds
Terrence Deak Response and adaptation to psychologically stressful events
Marvin Diaz Fetal alcohol, alcoholism, synaptic transmission, emotional processing, anxiety
Patricia M. Di Lorenzo Neurophysiology of the chemical senses
Nicholas Gaspelin Attention, visual perception, eye movements, event-related potentials
Peter C. Gerhardstein Infant visual perception and attention, and their influence on infant memory
Kathleen L. Horwath Comparative and environmental biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, circadian and insect physiology
J. David Jentsch Behavior genetics of impulsivity, incentive motivation and drug self-administration. Neural circuitry involved in susceptibility for addictions. Neurobiology of reinforcement learning.
Pavel Masek Behavioral neurogenetics, Taste and feeding, Learning and Memory, Optogenetics
Carol I. Miles Neurobiology, development and behavior of insects
Ralph R. Miller Information processing in animals, evolutionary psychology
Vladimir Miskovic Affective neuroscience, emotion-cognition interactions, aversive conditioning, fear and anxiety.
Laura P. Musselman Diet, aging, obesity, sugar and lipid metabolism
Maria-Teresa Romero Neuroplasticity, transplantation and biological rhythms
Lisa Savage Animal models of memory disorders, psychopharmacology
Linda P. Spear Developmental psychobiology, psychopharmacology
Norman E. Spear Memory processing, developmental psychobiology
Steven Tammariello Signal transduction in mammalian neuron apoptosis; cell cycle regulation in arthropod dormancy
Cyma Van Petten Language processing, focusing on sentence comprehension & the interface between semantic processing & spoken word identification.  Memory, w/ an emphasis on executive processes that contribute to memory and the role of prefrontal cortex.
David Werner Alcohol action, tolerance, addiction, neuropsychiatric disorders, neuroplasticity, neuropharmacology, molecular genetics
David Sloan Wilson Evolutionary biology

Last Updated: 9/13/18