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headshot of Maria Teresa Romero

Maria Teresa Romero

Emeritus Professor of Psychology



The long-term purpose of Romero's laboratory is to elucidate the neural processes underlying circadian rhythmicity. The experiments are intended to understand neural plasticity and behavioral recovery in the field of biological rhythms as studied by means of fetal grafting. In particular, they are interested in recovery of behavioral functions related to grafting of the hypothalamic region of the brain. Emphasis is placed on the neurochemical and neuroanatomical characteristics of the grafted tissue and the possible interactions between the graft and the host brain.

A second area of interest is related to the differential plasticity of the adult and developing rodent brain following epileptic seizures. Currently they are studying neurodegeneration of hippocampal areas produced by limbic seizures in an attempt to determine the mechanisms mediating resistance to damage in the developing brain.


  • PhD, MPh, MA, City University of New York

Research Interests

  • Biological rhythms
  • epilepsy/development
  • neural transplantation