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Israel Studies at Binghamton offers undergraduate students courses, lectures, programs, grants and fellowships to examine the history, literature, and culture of modern Israel. Grants are available to support undergraduate research and creative work.

For more information, contact Center Director, Professor Randy Friedman.

 Minor in Israel Studies

A minor in Israel Studies allows students to pursue research and coursework in the history, politics, literatures, and cultures of Modern Israel.

The minor requires six courses, including History of Modern Israel, and a course in state and society. Read More

For more information please email Professor Friedman.

Featured Courses Fall 2019

Intro to Israeli Literature - ISRL 120 - Gen Ed: G, H
Instructor: Lior Libman
Modern Israel - ISRL 150 - Gen Ed: N
Instructor: Shay Rabineau
Cultures and Society in Israel - ISRL 227 - Gen Ed: G, N
Instructor: Assaf Harel
Video Art in Israel - ISRL 281A - 2cr Mini-course
Instructor: Tamar Lazmar
Walking the Land - ISRL 321 - Gen Ed: H, O
Instructor: Shay Rabineau
The Kibbutz in Israeli Culture - ISRL 324 - Gen Ed: H
Instructor: Lior Libman
• Encountering Israel & Palestine - ISRL 346 - Gen Ed: N, W
Instructor: Assaf Harel 

Details on our complete offerings here.


CIS Simulation: "Deal of the Century" in Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

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The Center for Israel Studies is funded in part through a generous grant from the Israel Institute.

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