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Israel Studies at Binghamton offers undergraduate students courses, lectures, programs, grants and fellowships to examine the history, literature, and culture of modern Israel. Grants are available to support undergraduate research and creative work.

For more information, contact Center Director, Professor Randy Friedman.

Minor in Israel Studies

A new minor in Israel Studies allows students to pursue research and coursework in the history, politics, literatures, and cultures of Modern Israel.

The minor requires six courses, including History of Modern Israel, and a course in state and society.| Read More

For more information please email Professor Friedman.

Featured Courses Spring 2018

At Home in the Diaspora (Gen Ed: G, H). This course will trace the emergence of positive attitudes toward the worldwide dispersion of the Jews from the 19th century to the present. It will examine the rejection of the idea that Jews living outside of Palestine are by definition in Exile, the diverse ideologies of the proponents of diaspora nationalism, the diasporists' critique of Zionism and their involvement in the establishment of alternative Jewish homelands – both in fact and in fiction.

Cultures and Society in Israel (Gen Ed: G, N). This course is a study of the many religious, ethnic, political, and linguistic dimensions of modern Israeli culture and society. It examines the forces that affect them, the divides between them, their interactions with each other, and their manifestations in music, film, art, and literature.

Details on our complete offerings here.


harelThis Fall we welcomed new Assistant Professor of Israel Studies Assaf Harel. Professor Harel received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from Rutgers and focuses on ethnography and anthropology of religion, messianism, and the settlement movements. He is teaching Cultures and Society in Israel, and a mini course on Israel-Palestine.

More on his research and writing can be found here.

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The Center for Israel Studies is funded in part through a generous grant from the Israel Institute.

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