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Going Global, An Internet Job and Career Resource for International Students

The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development and the ISSS announce the availability of a free resource, "Going Global." Going Global is a career and employment internet resource for evaluating, selecting and transitioning into a successful career in the United States or a different country from your home.

This is what a current international students had to say about “Going Global:”
“I really like the USA/Canada City Career Guides, because they give the details (including cost of living...etc.) for each city, and I think that's very helpful for international students like us to learn more about each city and think about where to work after graduation. I really like the Job posting and Internship Listing section of the website and that it gives information on employers who sponsor international students for H-1B visas."

Going Global’s 80,000-page database contains Country Career Guides, USA and Canadian City Career Guides, corporate profiles, worldwide job and internship openings and H1B visa employer listings. Get professional advice on such topics as: the current employment outlook, hiring trends, job search resources, executive recruiters, staffing agencies, work permit regulations, salary ranges, résumé/CV writing guidelines, professional and social networking groups, trade associations, and interview and cultural advice.

Going Global’s H1B Plus database is an incredibly robust system that contains all Department of Labor H1B visa application records. Listings can be simultaneously searched by job title, occupation, employer, location and/or wage.

Going Global also provides more than 16 million worldwide job and internship listings. Opportunities are posted for major multinational companies and are updated daily.

To access Going Global, go online and sign in using your Pods user name and password

Last Updated: 12/12/17