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J-1 on-campus employment authorization request

This e-form can be used by students in J-1 status to request approval from ISSS if they have been offered on-campus employment.

Once you have logged in to iSSS BU Client Services, the e-form is found under "Administrative Services" in the "iSSS BU Home Page" block.

The top section of the e-form provides instructions for completing the form.

When filling out the e-form, required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Your employer's name and the job you will be performing needs to be entered in the EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION section, along with the start and end dates of your employment. Date information can be selected from drop-down lists, which are shown if you click on the arrows to the right of the input fields.

A letter from you employer must be uploaded in the EMPLOYMENT LETTER section. The types of files are shown - PDF files work best. Be sure the file you are uploading is legible.

Check the verification box to certify the e-form information is correct, then click the "Submit" button.

The top of the e-form is displayed, with a message that the e-form has been submitted for review.

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing. You will receive an email when ISSS has completed its review of the e-form.

Last Updated: 6/10/19