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Employment letter for Social Security Number

International students must have a paid job or an offer for a paid job offer before they can apply for a Social Security card. A letter must be submitted to prove you have employment and are eligible for a Social Security card.

The on-campus employer's letter must include:

• The name of the student employee

• Nature of job that the student is, or will be engaged in

• Anticipated or actual start date

• Number of hours student is expected to work

• Employer Identification Number (EIN)

• Employer contact information, including telephone number and name of                      immediate supervisor

• Original signature, signatory title, and date

• You can find a sample employment letter online.

Note: A funding letter issued by the department or school for a J-1 scholar, graduate assistantship, teaching assistantship or research assistantship meets the requirements of the 'Employer's letter' stated above.

You must bring your employment letter to the International Student and Scholar Services to be signed and dated by a designated school official before you apply for a Social Security number.

Last Updated: 12/13/17