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Essential forms

The iSSS BU system (or Sunapsis) has a series of e-forms for use by students and scholars to submit information electronically. Once your Binghamton University Computer Account has been activated, you will be able to log in to iSSS BU and submit e-forms.

The information on the iSSS BU Services Home Page is based on whether you are an F-1 Student or J-1 Exchange Visitor. Some of the e-forms may not be accessible, depending on your current status.

If you need to upload documents with the e-form:

  • You can only upload PDF or image files (JPG, JPEG, GIFF, PNG).
  • PDF files work best.
  • Please DO NOT upload Bitmap or BMP images.

Be sure your documents are legible and all required signatures are obtained BEFORE uploading the documents.

Make a selection from the following list for instructions on submitting an e-form:

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Other Helpful Binghamton University Sites:

Click on the links below to access other Binghamton University sites you may find helpful:

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Last Updated: 6/26/19