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Extension of Stay Request

This E-Form is for international students in F-1 or J-1 status who want to apply for an extension to their program end date to allow them to complete their degree.

When submitting this E-Form, you must attach the Academic Advisor's Recommendation Form. After filling in the section with your personal information, it should be printed and given to your academic advisor to be completed and signed. You must upload the signed form with this E-Form.

You have the option of uploading financial documentation (current bank statements or funding letters, letter of support) with the E-Form. The contents of a typical Letter of Support can be found in this sample.

Important Notes:
• You can only upload a PDF or image file (JPG, JPEG, GIFF, PNG).
• PDF files work best.
• Please DO NOT upload Bitmap or BMP images

Here are the instructions for submitting the Extension of Stay Request e-form:
1. Login to Sunapsis. Click here for instructions.
2. After logging in, click on 'Academic Services' in the shaded box on the left side of the screen, then select 'Extension of Stay Request':


3. The Extension of Stay Request E-Form is displayed:


4.There are several sections to the E-Form. First is the STUDENT INFORMATION section (some of the Information is pre-populated with data on-file with ISSS).


5. You must advise ISSS of any plans to travel outside of the U.S. If you do, you will be required to enter the departure and return dates in the TRAVEL INFORMATION section:


6. In the DEPENDENT INFORMATION section, you need to declare whether your spouse and any children are living in the U.S. You will be prompted to enter the number of children in the U.S. if you click the 'YES' button:


7. A Yes/No response is needed in the FUNDING INFORMATION section:


8. If your academic major is not correct on your current I-20/DS-2019, you will be promoted to enter the correct major in the ACADEMIC INFORMATION section:


9. You must enter your current U.S. RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS. If you have moved recently, be sure to submit a U.S. Residential Address Update E-Form:


10. Attach the ACADEMIC ADVISOR RECOMMENDATION FORM to the E-Form. Be sure your advisor has signed the form! Click on the Browse... to find the form:


11. If you have financial documentation (bank statements, funding letters, letter of support) you would like to upload, click 'Yes' next to the question 'Do you wish to upload any current bank statements, funding letters or letter of support?' You will be able to upload two bank statements or funding letters, and one letter of support:


12. Click on the box to certify the information you have supplied in the E-Form is correct, then click the Submit button:


13. The top of the E-Form is displayed with a message that the form has been submitted. You will also receive an E-Mail notification:


14. If you wish to withdraw the request, click on the Cancel button at the bottom of the E-Form.

Last Updated: 3/6/18