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1. Reminder of ISSS Availability
2. Next International Coffee Hour: Today, Friday, September 1
3. International Student Career Success Boot Camp
4. Together: International Student Support Group
5. International Spouse Program ESL Classes
6. Language Resource Specialist Needed for Fall 2017
7. ESL Conversation Pairs Application Now Available
8. International Health Insurance Team is Now Accepting Insurance Fee Waiver Requests
9. Beware of Phishing/E-mail Scams, Phone Scams and Other Scams


1. Reminder of ISSS Availability

Advising Walk-In Hours:
The office of International Student and Scholar Services holds walk-in advising hours on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10:00am to 11:45am and Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Please visit the ISSS Website for updates.

Special Notice Regarding ISSS Unavailability:
The ISSS will be unavailable Monday, September 4 for the Labor Day Holiday. Please visit the ISSS website for additional updates regarding availability.


2. Next International Coffee Hour: Today, Friday, September 1

Good company! Complimentary refreshments! Relax at this month's International Coffee Hour, 3:30-5 p.m. Friday, September 1, in Old Union Hall. This month's sponsor is International Education and Global Affairs. September coffee hour participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the sponsor while mingling with both international and domestic students. There will be games, interactive activities, and complimentary coffee and snacks! If you have any questions about International Coffee Hour, contact Linda Torricelli, ISSS programming coordinator. All are welcome!


3. International Student Career Success Boot Camp

This Fall the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development will offer a week of programs to assist international students with professional development. As attendance is not required at all events, you are invited to participate in the programs that interest you.

Tuesday, September 5
* 12pm-1:00pm: Finding Employers Who Hire International Students (UUW 324)
* 1:00pm - 2:00pm: How to Get Your CPT ASAP (UU 133A) - Space is limited. To attend, register by clicking here.

Wednesday, September 6
* 12:00pm-1:00pm: Creating a U.S. Resume (UUW 325)
* 1:00pm-2:00pm: Interviewing in the U.S. (UUW 325)

Thursday, September 7
* 12:00pm - 1:00pm: Accelerate Your Career: Learn What Employers Want from International Students (UU 133A)
* 1:00pm - 2:00pm: Networking and Beyond: Communicating with Employers (UU 133A)

Friday, September 8
* 12:00pm - 1:00pm: Cool Connections, Hot Alumni Program: International Alumni (UU 133A)


4. Together: International Student Support Group

Discussion facilitator: Dr. Sangmoon Kim, staff psychologist at University Counseling Center
When: Tuesdays, 3:30-5:00p.m.
Where: UU 124 (University Union, Room 124)

Hello international students at Binghamton University! You are warmly invited to the Together: International Student Support Group. You will meet fellow international students. Together aims to promote international students' social interaction and sense of belonging as well as academic success. You can practice and enhance your English skills. We will meet most Tuesdays; our next meeting is Tuesday, September 5. Weekly attendance is not required but recommended. If you have any question about the Together, please email Dr. Sangmoon Kim.


5. International Spouse Program ESL Classes

The International Spouse Program (ISP) is for spouses of Binghamton University international students. The ISP offers its members free, weekly ESL instruction. The ISP provides an excellent opportunity to practice English, to learn about day-to-day living in the U.S, to become involved in community activities, to socialize with other spouses, and to learn from each other's experiences. Please contact Myriam Stanton or click here for additional information.


6. Language Resource Specialist Needed for Fall 2017

The Languages Across the Curriculum (LxC) program is now accepting applications for the position of Language Resource Specialist (LRS) for Fall 2017 who speak Spanish, Korean, Russian, French, Hebrew, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Italian, and a host of other languages.

Based on work with LxC staff, instructors and other LRS colleagues, LRSs design a syllabus for the Languages Across the Curriculum study group and research and prepare reading assignments. LRSs lead discussions of these assignments in the study groups and evaluate students' performance. LRSs are expected to meet weekly for mandatory LxC staff training. The ideal candidate will have previous teaching experience, strong analytical and critical thinking skills; be eager to develop pedagogical skills that foster a globalized understanding of the world, have very strong English language skills and native or near-native proficiency in one or more other languages.

Additional details, as well as the application, can be found here. Questions? Contact Hwa Yeong Wang, LxC Program Assistant.


7. ESL Conversation Pairs Application Now Available

If you're like many Binghamton University ESL students, you may find that, you have few opportunities outside of class to hear English being spoken and to speak it yourself. This lack of opportunities to practice English may slow down your learning of the language and perhaps prevent you from doing your best work in your courses. If you would like to practice your English, consider the English Conversation Pairs Program.
In this program, a native English speaker and a non-native English speaker will join to form a conversation pair. Each pair will meet together approximately once a week.

Please click here to complete an application. Please note that applications are due by noon on Monday, September 18, 2017! If you have any questions about this survey please contact the English Conversation Pairs Director, Trena Haffenden.


8. International Health Insurance Team is Now Accepting Insurance Fee Waiver Requests

The International Health Insurance Team is now accepting requests from those that believe they meet the requirements for an international health insurance fee waiver. In order to qualify for a waiver of the fee you must:
*Meet ALL of the requirements found here.
*Upload documents as instructed here.
*Your policy submission must indicate the services that are NOT paid for under the policy, found in the "Exclusions and Limitations" section of the policy, plus the deductible charged to you.

Please note that a submission does not guarantee approval. A full review of your policy must be conducted to ensure compliance. Approved waivers are valid for one semester only. Every semester a new request must be submitted. The deadline for submission of a waiver request is October 15, 2017. No exceptions are granted.


9. Beware of Phishing/E-mail Scams, Phone Scams and Other Scams

The ITS website provides the following definition, information and advice on phishing:

Phishing is a technique in which users are directed by an official-looking e-mail to provide personal information under false pretenses. The message may appear to come from a bank, police agency, or other legitimate entity. The information requested may be a credit card number, social security number, ATM PIN number, password or other personal information. The recipient is asked to provide this information via e-mail or by visiting an official-looking web site, and warned that failure to do so may result in a discontinuation of service. Legitimate businesses and government entities are aware of phishing scams and would not ask you to send sensitive information in response to unsolicited e-mail. You should treat these messages like spam and never reply to them. Information Technology Services advises people to never send any passwords via an e-mail message for any reason. Please click here for additional information.

If contacted via phone and asked for personal information, you should immediately be suspicious. Ask for the person's full name, agency, and reporting office, and for a government telephone number to call the person back. They will probably tell you that your only opportunity is at the time of the call and that you have to take action now. Don't believe them. Never release personal information over the phone, and be aware that a government agency would never go about any formal proceedings with a phone call. Should you ever get any requests in print, please bring them to ISSS immediately and we will review them and advise accordingly.

USCIS and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) want to stop scams about income tax payments or immigration violations. You will not get in any trouble for reporting a scam. Additional information about common scams and about how to report such scams can be found on the USCIS Website and on the IRS website.

Lastly, please remember that scams can also happen in person. Never share your credit card, student ID card, passport or other important documents with other students or those who do not need to access these documents. Please be cautious if purchasing items for anyone you don't know well.




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