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Did You Recently Enter the United States?
How to Download your I-94 Record

Your I-94 record is the record of your arrival and departure to/from the United States. It is created electronically at the time of your arrival to the United States via airports and seaports. Your I-94 record will be available immediately for you to download and print.  Each time you enter the United States, you should download and print a copy of your I-94 record.


You can download your I-94 record here.


When you download your I-94 record, review the information on the I-94 very carefully. 

Make sure the I-94 shows the correct notation for your visa status:

  1. The class of admission should be either F-1 for I-20 holders or J-1 for DS-2019 holders.
  2. In both F-1 and J-1 status, the “Admit Until” date should be D/S (Duration of Status).
  3. If the notation on your I-94 record is not correct, or if you are unable to access your I-94 record, please contact the ISSS Office so we can assist you. You can email us at or call 607-777-2510.

 When you print out your I-94 record, it will look like this:

I-94 Document 

Last Updated: 11/28/17