Consulting Services

Information Technology Services at Binghamton University offers a variety of IT consulting services to assist our campus counterparts. In addition to assisting with your technical issues when they arise, keep ITS in mind when making a variety of business decisions for your respective areas.

Computer Purchase Consulting

  • Through Desktop Support, ITS is able to assist campus offices in identifying which operating system and specifications would work best for the computers they choose for new employees and upgrades for existing employees.
  • ITS can also provide information on state contracts to help save money when purchasing new computers.
  • ITS can also advise on other electronic purchasing decisions such as printers, scanners, phones etc.

Technical Needs Evaluation

  • Let ITS help you determine what type of software you can benefit from most. By engaging in conversations with ITS at the beginning of the process, we may be able to help you discover your requirements as well as determine if we already have something available to meet your needs.

Software Purchase Decisions

  • ITS has access to a variety of licenses for many software programs. Check with ITS prior to purchasing to make sure you are not purchasing something already available through ITS.
  • ITS can also provide you with information on State and Academic pricing for software purchases.
  • If you're looking to buy software, ITS can help determine if the products you've selected will meet your needs as well as confirm if the product can be integrated with our existing systems on campus.
  • Lastly, can we build something better or quicker internally?

RFP Drafting & Response Evaluation

  • ITS can help you quantify your needs and develop a Request for Proposal from vendors. ITS can also clearly outline any technical requirements or data security considerations that may need to be highlighted to ensure the software will integrate with our existing campus systems.
  • ITS can also help validate and evaluate RFP responses.

Custom Software Development

  • ITS has the ability to support the full life-cycle of software development and would like to help you create a custom application if this makes the most sense.
  • The process begins at the requirements gathering phase and continues to post production support of the application.

Contact the ITS Help Desk to begin the Consulting process:
Phone: 607-777-6420

Last Updated: 10/18/16