Encrypted Data Storage

[This Service is currently in an experimental Pilot Phase - and is now available for limited use by interested Researchers. Information and Policies are Subject to change.]

ITS Encrypted Data Storage is intended for storage of research data. This data storage is fully encrypted, making it compliant with certain data standards.


  • End-to-End Encryption (At-Rest and Over-the-Wire)
  • Accessible on Campus Internet or VPN
  • Supports Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Stores extra copies of data, and retains snapshots of older data for a short time


  1. Binghamton University Faculty or Staff OR Binghamton University Student w/Faculty or Staff Sponsor
  2. Must be used for Research Purposes. See other Data Storage Options for non-Research Storage
  3. This storage is intended for Data Classified as Levels 1 - 3. Find more information on Data Levels at Binghamton University Data Classification Levels

Start Using Encrypted Data Storage

Request Encrypted Research Storage

Accessing Your Assigned Encrypted Data Storage

Access From MacOS

Access From Windows

Managing Access to Your Encrypted Data Storage

Access is managed by the Administrators of the Share. If you requested the share, you are an Administrator by default, and can add other Administrators.

Anyone who is added as a Member of your Research Storage Group will be able to connect to the Research Storage

See Managing Access to Research Storage for more information on Administrators and Members.

Administrators have the ability to limit access to specific files or folders. See Managing File & Folder Perimissions for Research Storage for more information.

Changing Your Assigned Encrypted Data Storage

For storage size or access changes, email itsresearchsupport@binghamton.edu 


  • Snapshots of data are currently taken daily at Midnight. Snapshots are stored for 10 days. Your data will be recoverable if you contact ITS within 7 days of deletion.
  • Only the original requester of the storage, or a designated point of contact can make recovery or modification requests
  • All policies in the Eligibility section

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