Accessing Your Network File Space Using SSL

Pulse Secure VPN Client


Two-factor authentication on the Pulse Secure SSL VPN for the BU Domain was implemented Nov. 10, as a critical step for the security of the Binghamton University network. Here are the instructions to download and install the Google Authenticator for added security.

Binghamton University Information Technology Service (ITS) requests that all VPN users begin to sign in to the VPN using their BU domain account by Dec. 1, 2020. This can be accomplished by selecting the "BU Domain Users" Realm in the "Please select a Realm" list on the Pulse Secure VPN Client. Your username and password for the BU Domain matches your current PODs (Binghamton University Computer Account) username and password. Faculty, Staff and Students are encouraged to begin using the new BU Domain Users option immediately because on Dec. 15, 2020 the PODs, BGM and Decker domains will be removed from the VPN entirely.

The BU Domain is an initiative by ITS to consolidate the many login domains (PODs, BGM, Decker) that exist for technology usage at the University. Transitioning the VPN to using this new authentication source is one of the first steps in allowing the University community to begin using the BU Domain.

Pulse Secure VPN Client

Here are the instructions to download and install the Google Authenticator for added security. Step by step instructions in pdf format for installing Pulse Secure, Muti-Factor Authentication and Access using BingView.

VPN software allows access to campus-only resources from off-campus locations. The website provides bookmarks to campus-only resources directly through the web page. To use a remote desktop app or to access an application more.

Pulse Secure can be installed by logging into and clicking on the appropriate bookmark to download and install the desired version of Pulse Secure for your operating system (Windows 32 or 64 bit, Mac OS or Linux). The Pulse Secure ReadMe file contains installation and configuration instructions. Once it is installed, Pulse Secure will be listed in your programs and as a shortcut in the Windows System Tray or Mac Menu Bar. You do not need to access the SSL VPN web page each time you want to connect via VPN.

For MAC and PC instructions go here.

Faculty and staff can upload to and download from their BU Network space (H: drive) by going to and logging on to the domain using your BU DOMAIN (old PODs) username/password. Make sure that BU DOMAIN is selected in the DOMAIN dropdown.

SSL Login

Click My H Drive

H-DRIVE windowTo download a file from your BU Network space (H: drive), check the box(es) of the file(s) you want and click the Download button.

SSL Download

To save files to your H: drive click the Upload button.

SSL Upload

Click Browse to locate and select the files you want to save on your BU Network space (H: drive).

Click the Upload button.

After the files are uploaded, click Close in the Upload Status window.

NOTE: You can upload a maximum of 500 MB of data at a time.

Binghamton University SSL - Add H Drive Bookmark

This article contains instructions for any Binghamton University faculty or staff members to add a bookmark leading to their personal network drive (aka, “H drive”) from the main page of the Binghamton University SSL website – https://ssl.binghamto.... For more information, click here.