Audio Bridge Conferencing

The Telecommunications Department maintains an Audio Bridge capable of conferencing up to 50 people. This bridge is available free of charge to campus users (current faculty and staff). It can be reserved by emailing the Telecom office at, with the following information:
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Department
  • Date and Time Needed
  • Duration
  • Number of Participants

You will be assigned an access code by the Telecommunications staff. Distribute the instructions as well as the access code to all of your conference participants.

A toll free number is available for your participants if needed, however you will be billed $0.05 per minute, per participant for toll free conference call usage.


  1. Dial 7-3200 (on campus) or 607-777-3200 (off campus).
  2. Enter the access code for your conference, followed by the # key.
  3. You will hear a short tone to indicate that you have entered the conference call.
  4. When the call is completed, just hang up your telephone.


  • When a new conferee joins your call you will hear a short notification tone to alert you that someone has joined your call.
  • If a conferee hangs up during your conference call, your call will be interrupted with short burst tone. This is intended to be a notification that someone has left the call.

If you experience any problems with your conference call, please contact the Binghamton University Telecommunications Office at 607-777-2524.