Cellular Services

Effective April 1, 2015, the University has approved a Personal Communication Device policy. After reviewing the policy, please sign Appendix A and return to the Telecommunications Department along with the Cellular Device Request Form below.

All requests for University provided cellular devices -- new services, upgrades, or change in service -- will require authorization from your Department Supervisor.  In addition, requests for new service will require authorization from your division Vice President or Dean of your department.

Please complete the Cellular Device Request form and submit to the Telecommunications Department via email at or fax to 607-777-4000.

Our primary carrier is AT&T Mobility; however, Verizon Wireless is available to those who live in areas where AT&T Mobility has no coverage. Cell devices may be viewed online at AT&T Mobility or Verizon Wireless . Once you select a device, email us at for availability and pricing.

As of April 1, 2015, the bundled rate for a smartphone is $50/month. The domestic plan includes 400 shared minutes, unlimited data and unlimited text messaging. International plans are available upon request. Please contact our office for rates.

Telecommunications Cellular Device Insurance

  • $8.99/month
  • Deductible is based on a three-tier structure.  Contact Telecommunications with the model of your device to determine the tier.
    • Tier A - $150
    • Tier B - $225
    • Tier C - $299
  • One Claim within any 12 consecutive months
  • Claims may be fulfilled with Certified Like-New or other models of the kind and quality
  • Enrollment within 30 days of new activation or device upgrade
  • Insurance coverage will be in effect until the next upgrade eligibility date.  Once the upgrade eligibility date has been reached, the insurance coverage will be removed from the device.  If the replacement cost of the device is more than the deductible, the insurance will remain in effect.