Mitel (formerly ShoreTel) Phone System Information

Mitel (formerly ShoreTel) Phone System Information

The ShoreTel company was acquired by Mitel in 2017 and the system has been rebranded to Mitel Connect.

The Mitel phone system is a Voice over IP (VoIP) system, which you can interact with using the Connect client desktop application (Windows and Mac), or the Google Chrome extension. The Connect software allows you to set options, see call logs, listen and manage voicemail messages, and much more. NOTE: ShoreTel Communicator does no longer work after the upgrade on Dec. 27, 2017.

The guides below should answer most questions, but you can email us if you still need further assistance:


To access your voicemail dial 607-777-MAIL(6245). You can find more information about using the voicemail system in the Voicemail Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

Connect Client (replaces Shoretel Communicator)

Client Installer Instructions 




 Reference Information

Mitel Connect for Mobile Devices