ITS Telecommunications Service Request

Service Request

Notice: The Rate Sheet has been updated effective July 1, 2021

Please answer all of the following when sending a service request. Failure to thoroughly answer all of the questions may result in a significant delay in processing your order. telecom chargesfor a list of rates and available equipment.

  1. What you want to be done (e.g., ADD, MOVE, CHANGE, DISCONNECT). If this is for an employee, please include their B-Number.
  2. Type of service (e.g., Voice/Phone, Data/Ethernet, Cable TV, Door Access/Card Swipe, etc.).
  3. Current service information (e.g., Location, Phone Number, etc.)
  4. New service information (e.g., Location, Equipment)
  5. Billing Information (e.g., Account Code or billing address).
  6. When you need the work completed (Due Date). Please note: Requests are assigned a Due Date of 3 weeks from the date a complete order is received.
  7. Your contact information.
  8. Any additional notes or requests.

Submit all the information above by sending an email to