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Computer Accounts

All Binghamton University students, faculty and staff are given a computer account and a University email address (ex. user

Students are assigned a computer account automatically when they apply to Binghamton University. When a student accepts admission and pays their deposit (or the deposit is waived) they are given a Binghamton University email account.

The Human Resources Department will request computer and email accounts for most new faculty and staff during the hiring process. New faculty and staff can also request a computer and email account in person at the ITS Help Desk by presenting a valid University ID card.

Each new student, faculty and staff will receive:

  • Email Address - Bmail is Binghamton University's official email service and is powered by Google. This account also gives access to the Calendar, Drive, Sites, and Groups applications within Google Apps.

  • Computer Account - Your Binghamton computer account allows access to the wireless campus network, myCourses, my.binghamton portal, Banner Self Service, printing in public computer labs, SUNY Employee Services Portal, and other third-party applications.  Students, faculty, staff, or any other authorized users who have computer accounts at Binghamton University are expected to abide by the Binghamton University Computer and Network Usage Policy. When setting up your computer account passwords you accept and agree to the Computer and Network Usage Policy.

Faculty and Staff Accounts
See the Faculty/Staff Computer Accounts page for more information.

Student Accounts
See the Student Computer Accounts page for more information.

Guest Accounts
Visitors to campus can connect to the wireless network "welcome2bing". Guest Accounts are available if additional access is needed. They must be sponsored through a current Binghamton University student, faculty or staff member. To apply for a guest account please fill out our guest account request form.

Bingsuns Disk Space and Web Creation
Binghamton University computer accounts on Bingsuns have fixed disk space sizes. BINGSUNS accounts have a default quota of 400 megabytes. To check your disk space enter the following command from the bingsuns prompt:

/usr/sbin/quota -v

If you are coming close to your disk space limit, delete some files to create more room. You may be able to get more disk space but you will have to go to The Technology Hub Help Desk to request an increase in disk space.

If you try to exceed your allotted disk space, you may be unable to save your work. Also be careful if you are approaching your disk space quota and you are using ftp to upload files to your Bingsuns account. If you exceed your quota and continue to upload files, the files may appear to be created (you will see the file names) but they will be empty.

BGM Domain Accounts
Some faculty and staff were issued a BGM domain account in addition to their BU Accounts. The BGM password is separate and is a secure way to a connect to the Binghamton University network to access network drives and to use network printers.

To Reset your BGM password
If you know your current BGM domain password you can reset your password by logging into your computer under the BGM domain. Once logged in use the keyboard command Ctrl+Alt+Delete. This should bring you to a prompt with Change a password... as an option.

If you do not know your current BGM domain password please contact the ITS Help Desk, 607-777-6420.

Accessing your BGM Domain Account
Your computer may be set up to log onto BGM when you log into your university office computer. Windows will prompt you to log in which will then provide access to resources as required by your department.

You can also access your BGM domain account by going to On the main log in page make sure you select BGM domain users from the drop down.