Student Technology Checklist

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Looking for the Faculty Checklist? It is here.
Cyber Secure 5 Chakra Online Brochure Students, Faculty and Staff: IS YOUR TECH FUTURE SECURE? ARE YOU TECH-READY for CLASSES?
You probably saw the printed version of this brochure, so please review the online version with 5 tech sections with the necessary tech info. for a secure peace of mind. 

STUDENTS: Your latest technology checklist is above, complete with services and resources for your computing needs:

Need a new computer? First check with your major's department, as they will have proper recommendations for you (such as Apple/PC, laptop/desktop, etc.), then go from there. Visit: ITS Hardware & Software | Student Computing Solutions. 

General specs are:

  • Intel i5 or i7 processor (or equivalent)
  • 8-16 GB RAM or higher
  • 256 GB Solid State Hard-drive (SSD) or higher
  • 1-3 year manufacturer's warranty

If you still need help, contact your ResCon or the Help Desk.

Be sure and review the latest technology updates.

Wireless - Connect with Welcome2Binghamton>eduroam, use MYDEVICES register gaming devices, guests should choose welcome2bing
Bmail - Campus email (Gmail)

Password Change - - Binghamton University Portal
myCourses - Binghamton University's LMS based upon the Blackboard Learn software currently running version Q4 2017 CU5.
Google Backup and Sync - Backup your work
ITS Website - Your ITS central location for all questions/issues/tech. related info.
Phishing Awareness - Review to avoid phishing/scams so you don't get phished.
Policies and Guidelines - All ITS policies and guidelines for safe, secure and fair use while at Binghamton.

Info. Commons
 - The Bartle Library Info. Commons is the Computer Lab staffed by Librarians and student IT Consultants who can assist you with your research and computing needs.
Public Computing Labs  - University Computing Labs powered by ITS 
Student Printing - Print@Binghamton, for all your campus printing needs
Bingview/VDI - The campus virtual desktop initiative

Microsoft Office 365: PC/Mac - ITS installs Microsoft Office Pro Plus on University-owned and public lab computers. If you are a student, faculty or staff member you can download Office here.
Google Apps - hosted communication and collaboration applications designed for institutions of higher education
bMobi App
- This app gives you access to Binghamton University information you want on your iOS devices via iTunes or Android devices via Google Play.
Academic Applications - software packages which are accessible to Faculty, Staff, and Students
Anti-virus & Malware - Suggested links for anti-virus protection and more...
Software - A complete listing/links to software available in computer labs, and for university and personal devices

Help Desk - The University's central contact point for questions about the use of information technology.
ITS Self Service - Get help, search our knowledge base or request what services you need...
ResCons - Residence Hall IT Support
Information Security - Phishing Avoidance and Cyber Security Awareness

Help Desk - Your central contact point for tech related issues/questions.
Emerging Technology Studio - (ETS) is a MakerSpace for gaining/refining skills in 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Digital Design, Web Design, Video and Virtual Reality.


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