Technology Support Services: Research


Campus Facilities & Resources

Information Technology Services offers a variety of services and assistance to faculty and researchers with their research endeavors. Research Support: Information Technology Services works with researchers to identify technology resources available on-campus and through outside providers to enhance their research capabilities. If you have specific technology needs for your research, please contact the ITS Help Desk at or x76420

Computational clusters and Data Storage Service

To meet the individual and departmental computing needs on campus, Information Technology Services (ITS) offers a high-availability, high-capacity server virtualization environment for use by all members of the BU academic community. ITS manages a cluster of Dell Compellant and EquaLogic Arrays in house with about 19 nodes and over 200 CPUs. In addition to this, an exclusive SAS cluster, Dell FX-2 with about 4 nodes and 64 CPUs is alsobeing set up by the ITS. This will be widely used by Business Intelligence and Data Processing application users all over campus. Most of these are Linux (Solaris, Oracle-Linux, RedHat-Linux, ESX 5.5, ESX 6.0) and Windows based servers that run a host of applications.

Apart from the centralized ITS operations on campus, several individual research groups from the Engineering Sciences have combined to form Watson College (WS) "Spiedie" Cluster. This consists of a Linux Head node comprising of 20 CPUs for high performance computing and an additional 143 nodes with about 3008 Cores to meet the research computational needs in Watson College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and other departments across the BU campus. 

ITS owns and manages academic and research data storage with a capacity of about 500 TB, that is highly available, located physically in a Binghamton University ITS data center with full redundant power and data backups. This service is based on a charge-back model. Please contact the Research Support at ITS for details. In addition to this, the Watson Cluster houses about 292 TB of Data storage that can be made available for research to faculty and assigned graduate students. Alternatively, Binghamton University has a contract with Google, such that all faculty, staff and students have access to unlimited data storage by way of Google Drive at a zero-dollar price point.

Software License and Hosted Service

Applications such as Google Apps, Qualtrics (Surveys), SPSS, Blackboard/myCourses, SAS (VD), MatLab, Mathematica, MiniTAB, Maple, AutoDESK, NVivo (VD), Atlas Ti 8 (VD) and many more are also available for individual, departmental and institutional use for academic, research and administrative purposes respectively. Faculty can request software here.

Requests can be submitted to the ITS. The Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science maintains its own set of licenses for research faculty in the Engineering Sciences. Discounted general purpose software is available for purchase for individual desktop/laptop use by faculty and staff at and

Network and Wireless Service

The campus network consists of a backbone multiple router system (a combination of Cisco and Catalyst 6807) that is interlinked at 40 Gbps and about 1 or 10 Gbps user-based connections to the buildings. The network includes burstable load-balanced interconnections with commodity internet from Level 3 (3 Gbps to 6 Gbps) and Lightower (3 Gbps to 10 Gbps). The current average peak load on campus is about 6 Gbps, that is burstable upto 16 Gbps. The campus is also using a dedicated interconnection to NYSERNet/Internet 2 via a 500Mbps and is expected to achieve a 10Gbps connection by November 2017.

There are currently about 2700 wireless access points spanning all the different sites on campus, including the UDC and ITC. For further information, visit Networking's Wi-Fi page.

Public Computing Labs Service

ITS manages Public Computing Labs for student and lecture use at various departments and buildings across campus. For information on locations and facilities available in these labs, please visit the livemaps page.

Help Desk Service

The Information Technology Services Help Desk is the university community's central contact point for questions about the use of information technology. The ITS Help Desk will answer questions directly or facilitate a resolution if second level technology support is required. Four full-time staff members supplemented by student staff provide customer service to the faculty, staff and students of Binghamton University. A valid BU ID card or BU affiliation is required to avail this service. Contact the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 or send an email to

Emerging Technology Studio (ETS) Service

ITS operates and manages a MakerSpace available to use for faculty and students to available services such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, 2D/3D design and editing, Virtual Reality (VR) and video editing. Users are required to attend the 3D printing certification workshop offered by ITS, before using this particular service. Weekly workshops on 3D modeling, Photoshop, web development, scanning etc., are also offered at the ETS. Please register online to attend one or more of these workshops.

Libraries and Archival Services

The Libraries provide services to store documents and data. The Open Repository @ Binghamton (the ORB) allows for direct file uploads. This service is hosted by bePress and provides unlimited storage. You can submit items to the ORB

For permanent file and data storage, the Libraries maintains an ITS-hosted Rosetta server (currently at 15TB). Creating a project within Rosetta requires consultation with the Libraries. For more information, please visit:

Other services for researchers include large-format printing and inter-library loan. Information available at: and

All services are available to any current student, faculty or staff member or campus group.

Classroom Technology Support Service

Educational Communications Center (ECC) offers a wide range of services to support classroom and media technology.

Classroom technology
  • ECC manages about 425 spaces on campus, including 162 general purpose classrooms, 260
  • conference rooms and a few student spaces
  • ECC provides media technology needs such as television sets, multi zone audio-video systems for faculty and staff use.
Equipment rentals
  • They provide media equipment rental to faculty and students such as cameras, laptops, and portable projectors and related accessories for no charge for a limited period of time.
Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT)
  • The CLT has an enterprise license for Panopto (a cloud based video creation and content delivery solution) that enables advanced online teaching and learning for the academic community at BU.
  • The CLT manages about 12 spaces with recording capabilities and 4 collaborative learning spaces for faculty and student use respectively. For more information, please visit

Video, Web conferencing, Webinars

  • Binghamton University has an enterprise license for Cisco WebEx, an internet browser based video conferencing software. This service is available at no charge to faculty and staff.

Technological Consulting


The Telecommunications Division within the ITS provides BU staff, students and faculty with a wide range of services that are listed below. Most of these services provided are based on a charge-back model. 

Please check the Telecommunications pages for further details and a full description of their services.

Shoretel (Now Mitel) phone systems (offices and departments)

A VoIP phone system which allows faculty and staff users to set options, see call logs, listen and manage voicemail messages. Voice mail can be received as an email that is accessible on a smart phone.

Audio Bridge Conferencing

Allows up to 50 participants in a teleconference meeting. Reserve ahead of time by sending in an email to with the following information:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Department
  • Date and Time Needed
  • Duration
  • Number of Participants

Campus Cable (Television Services)

  • Telecommunications will assist in installation of the cable service to the required location
  • Physical facilities and ECC will assist in installation of the other components

Cellular Services

  • Personal Communication Device policy allows faculty and staff to request for a cell phone for a valid business need. Department/Supervisor authorization required. 
  • Discounted cellular service for faculty and staff with a valid BU ID. AT & T and Verizon will provide a discounted service for BU affiliates. Request for a Facilities Account Number (FAN) from the telecommunications office to avail this option.

Campus Directory

  • The Telecommunications Department manages the Campus Directory. If you have any questions or comments about the directory, please contact their office.

Long distance calling and Faxing Services

  • Domestic calls are included in service; however international calls are charged.
  • Billing submitted to the department on a monthly basis.

The information provided in this document is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It may not reflect all the policies and services in place. The document is being updated with policy and service changes with time. Please direct all your questions to the Help Desk.