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Mission Statement

To provide services and support for the technology that researchers depend on - allowing researchers to spend less time on technology problems, and more time on research questions.

Planned Services

  • Expanded access to data storage
  • One-click access to research software (Ex: RStudio, Jupyter)
  • Run jobs on University provided computer clusters

Use Cases

  • Store your data so it is available from anywhere with internet access
  • Access data, run jobs, and use research software all on one website
  • Perform computations and analysis that requires large amount of computational power


Pilot Program Costs

Limited services will be provided during the pilot program at no-cost to researchers. Additional services such as extra storage may be provided for a cost.

Costs After Pilot Program

After the pilot program ends, there is no guarantee that no-cost services will continue to be offered.


(Time to Complete: 1-2 Minutes)

Contact Information

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Nicholas Walling

ITS Research Support

The Technology Hub, Third Floor, 304D

Binghamton University


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