BGM Domain Accounts

Faculty and staff are issued a BGM domain account in addition to their Computer (POD) and Bmail Accounts. The BGM password is separate and is a secure way to a connect to the Binghamton University network to access network drives and to use network printers. 

 To Reset  your BGM password

If you know your current BGM domain password you can reset your password by logging into your computer under the BGM domain. Once logged in use the keyboard command Ctrl+Alt+Delete.  This should bring you to a prompt with Change a password... as an option. 

If you do not know your current BGM domain password please contact the ITS Help Desk, 607-777-6420. 

 Accessing your Domain Account

Usually you would log onto the domain when you log into your university office computer. When your computer boots up, you should get a log in. Most offices log into the BGM domain. 

You can also access your BGM domain account by going to On the main log in page make sure  you select BGM domain users from the drop down. 



Last Updated: 3/7/17