Bingsuns Disk Space

Binghamton University computer accounts on Bingsuns have fixed disk space sizes. BINGSUNS accounts have a default quota of 400 megabytes. To check your disk space enter the following command from the bingsuns prompt:

/usr/sbin/quota -v

If you are coming close to your disk space limit, delete some files to create more room. You may be able to get more disk space but you will have to go to The Technology Hub Help Desk to request an increase in disk space. 

If you try to exceed your allotted disk space, you may be unable to save your work. Also be careful if you are approaching your disk space quota and you are using ftp to upload files to your Bingsuns account. If you exceed your quota and continue to upload files, the files may appear to be created (you will see the file names) but they will be empty.

Last Updated: 3/7/17