Faculty and Staff Computer Accounts

User IDs and Passwords

User ID

All faculty and staff members at Binghamton University are assigned a user ID. Your user ID is used to access University Systems and is retained throughout your stay at Binghamton University. The user ID is also used as the first part of your email address (ex. user ID@binghamton.edu).


Faculty and staff will maintain separate passwords for various University Systems. The three most commonly used are:

Computer Account password is used to access various University systems and is sometimes referred to as the Pods password.

Bmail password is used to access your University email.

BGM domain password allows staff and faculty secure access to  network resources such as shared drives and networked printers

Password security is very important. You should never give your passwords to anyone. Information Technology Services advises people to never send any passwords via an email message for any reason. You should change your passwords often and follow safe computing guidelines when creating new passwords.

To reset your Computer Account or Bmail password go to the password change page.

To reset your BGM domain password you can use the built-in Windows function, by clicking Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard when logged in or by contacting the ITS Help Desk, 607-777-6420.



Computer Account

Your computer account is used to log into various systems within ITS as well as University wide systems. Below you will find information on systems specific to ITS.

PODS- the PODS domain is used as an entry point for many ITS systems; including but not limited to public computing areas, Student Printing, Virtual Desktops, and the SSL VPN client.

Individual Network Storage- Every faculty and staff member has access to 5 gigabits of individual network storage on the H drive, or Firestone. Learn more about how to configure your H drive or contact the Help Desk if you have questions or need assistance.

Departmental Network Storage- Department shared drives are also build on 5 gigabits of storage, per user within the department. 

Bingsuns- Every faculty and staff member is entitled to a general access account on bingsuns, the central UNIX server. This is usually automatically created at the time the computer account is created. You will use your user ID and your computer account password to access your bingsuns account (unless you have setup a bingsuns password in the bingsuns system). This account can be used for academic work requiring a UNIX operating system, or for creating personal web pages.  *Note: Computer Account Passwords are synchronized with you bingsuns passwords, thus changing your Computer Account Password also changes your bingsuns password; however, changing your bingsuns password while in bingsuns does not change your computer account password.
*Note to Instructors: All students are issued bingsuns (UNIX) accounts. This account is sufficient for the classwork in many classes; it can be used for a personal web page and for running programs. Instructors of classes which require larger Bingsuns accounts for their students should contact the ITS Help Desk (helpdesk@binghamton.edu or 607- 777-6420) to arrange for the increase.

MyBinghamton Portal- The portal is a single-sign in page that allows access to a range of services specific to Binghamton University. Within the portal you can access your personal information, gain entry to your myCourses courses as well as find events happening on campus. Support for myCourses is found here.

BU BRAIN Self Service- An online application within the my.binghamton.edu portal where access to personal information can be found. Student Accounts, Class Lists and Grading can all be found in this area. Some faculty and staff members may require additional access to student records. To request this access an approved supervisor can request access by logging into https://staffaccounts.binghamton.edu. To access BU BRAIN you will use your user ID and computer account password.

myCourses- myCourses is a Course Management System within the my.binghamton.edu portal that provides a powerful and easy-to-use suite of tools for instructors to build and manage virtual classrooms. Faculty and staff are given myCourses accounts, faculty are automatically added as the instructor of a course if they are listed as the instructor of record. You will use your user ID and computer account password to access myCourses. Blackboard is still being used for organizations, and still remains at http://blackboard.binghamton.edu. Enrollment is automatic, but at the beginning of a semester with student schedules changing, it can 24 to 48 hours to show up after course registration. An instructor can enroll a student into a myCourses course if access is needed before the automatic add.

More information about myCourses can be found at: http://binghamton.edu/its/mycoursessupport/about.html.

SUNY Employee Services Portal- SUNY central single sign-in that allows access to Time and Attendance, HR forms, Business Intelligence, Procurement Card, Etc.

Maximo- A work order management system used by Physical Facilities.

Email Account

Each faculty and staff member are issued a binghamton.edu email account commonly called a Bmail account. ITS has partnered with Google to provide our users with robust email service as well as many collaborative and productivity focused applications know as Google Apps for Education. Some of these applications include: Google Calendars, Drive, Sites and Groups. Before logging into Bmail/Google Apps for the first time, you must create a secure password. To do this, go to https://password.binghamton.edu and follow the instructions. To set the Bmail password staff and faculty will need their user ID and Computer Account password. Your Bmail address will be your user ID@binghamton.edu.

Information Technology Services recommends that you use the web interface to Bmail (http://bmail.binghamton.edu); however, the mailbox can be accessed with a mail client of your choice (Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook). 

BGM Domain Account

Faculty and staff are issued a BGM domain account in addition to their computer and email accounts. The BGM password is separate and is a secure way to a connect to the Binghamton University network to access network drives and to use network printers.

Banner INB Account 

Banner is the primary student information system at Binghamton University, offering information access for faculty, and staff. If access is needed, approved supervisors can request accounts for their staff here: Account Request. Please contact the Registrars Office if further assistance is needed, 607-777-6088.

ODS/Hyperion Accounts

The Operational Data Store (ODS) is a repository of Banner data that has been formatted for querying and reporting purposes. Hyperion gathers information from ODS and other University databases and allows users to generate spreadsheets, reports, charts and pivot tables. If access is needed, approved supervisors can request accounts for their staff here: Account Request. Please contact the Registrars Office if further assistance is needed, 607-777-6088.

Xtender Account 

Use of xTender may be needed to view documents (such as completed and scanned forms) associated with student records. If access is needed, approved supervisors can request accounts for their staff here: Account Request. Please contact the Registrars Office if further assistance is needed, 607-777-6088.

Last Updated: 3/28/18