Student Information System

Banner is the primary student information system at Binghamton University, State University of New York, offering information access for students, faculty, and staff.

Data contained in Banner can be accessed in one of three ways:

  • User-friendly Self Service Banner (SSB), also called BU BRAIN
  • Advanced version called Internet Native Banner (INB) 
  • Operational Data Store (ODS)

Each requires a different level of access for data and each serves a different role.

New University employees should speak with his/her supervisor or department chair to determine what level of access will be needed to perform job duties. Supervisors of new employees will initiate the access process.

Use of xTender may be needed to view documents (such as completed and scanned forms) associated with student records.

If you require access to SSB, you may request it online.

If you have questions, please refer to this list of security approvers:

Banner INB, SSB, ODS, and xTender Approvers

Office/School Primary
Accounts Receivable Sandra McCulskey  Celeste Tyler
Athletics Dave Eagan  
Call Center Beth Ann Lubert  
Campus Recreation Jackson Taylor  
College of Community
and Public Affairs
Tammy Behonick  
Decker College of Nursing and
Health Sciences
Tracie Conklin  
Decker Student Health Services Center  Barb Zelesnikar   
Financial Aid Services Patti Donahue Amber Stallman
Graduate School Ellen Tilden  
Harpur College of Arts and Sciences Kathy Brunt Sondra Hilldale
Health & Physical Education Lisa Hrehor  
Information Technology
Services Help Desk
Denise Dedman  
Institutional Research Karen Hill  
International Student
and Scholar Services
Patricia Bello Brad Gordon
Residential Life Chris Cullinane  
School of Management George Bobinski  
School of Pharmacy Laura Mcduffee  
Student Affairs Sara Ballard Janice Bennett
Student Records Amber Stallman Jayne Hoffmann
Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering
and Applied Science
Peter Partell Janet Keesler
TRIO Cindy Kerry  
Undergraduate Admissions Krista Medionte-Phillips Melissa Lawson

Banner Support Resources for Faculty and Staff

Access Banner documentation, training materials, FAQ resources and instructional videos via: