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Wi-Fi: IT Improvements Start with YOU!

Wi-Fi: Information Technology Improvements Start with YOU! Give us feedback and let us help you with any tech issue you may have.

If you’ve been reading your Dateline and B-Line announcements and/or the "Pipe Dream," you may have noticed that ITS is conducting a survey about the quality of campus-wide Wi-Fi and ways with which we can improve it. As always, ITS is here for you and we encourage you to give us feedback on Wi-Fi and to also give us your feedback on any IT related issue and to let us know how we’re doing. HOWEVER, first thing's first. DO A WI-FI CHECK! Are you connecting properly? Do you seem to be using a lot of data? Does your Wi-Fi go in and out? More than likely you have not connected via welcome2bing. You want to choose that from your available wireless networks, run JoinNow and follow prompts to connect to eduroam. That's it. Go to for more info./help.

From the Experts: How Campus Wi-Fi Works

ITS is proud of our extensive wireless infrastructure which is comprised of a complex architecture that includes numerous hardware and software applications to establish a top notch campus-wide wireless service. Binghamton Wi-Fi measures above the rest with an increasing number of access points to support our large number of students, faculty and staff. On average, we provide service to the 20,000+ devices each day while classes are in session. 

Why eduroam? eduroam (education Wi-Fi roaming) is the secure, world-wide

wireless internet access service developed for the international research and

education community. Students, researchers, faculty, and staff can connect to the wireless networks at participating institutions wireless networks using with their home institution's user credentials. 

How You Can Report a Tech Issue

Looking at the results, we found that nearly 91% of students don’t report tech issues.  Here are some helpful ways to let us know when you’re having a problem:

  1. Contact the Help Desk. 

Located in the Technology Hub, the Help Desk is your number one spot for reporting tech problems. You can email us at, call us at 607-777-6420, or stop by to talk to one of our experienced staff members. 

  1. Talk to your ResCon.

If you live on campus, you can talk to your ResCon. ResCons live where they work and every dorm community has them. You can visit them during their regular office hours, make an appointment or send them an email. Call 607-6420, email the Help Desk at, or for a complete list of their email addresses, click here. Or just go straight to your ResCon in your residence hall - ask your RA where to find them.

  1. Visit the Info Commons.

The Info Commons can be found in Bartle Library, Science Library and

the University Downtown Center. Visit these mini help desks and talk to

our knowledgeable student staff about the tech problems you’re

experiencing. They should be able to help, or at least point you in the

right direction.

  1. Submit a ServiceNow Request.

ServiceNow is an online database where you can both report and get help with a plethora of tech problems. Click here to search our database - you may just find the information or answer you are looking for. You can also request help for any number of tech-related issues. Contact the Help Desk at 607-6420 and they can help you.

Feedback = help and IT improvements. 

ITS values feedback on more than just Wi-Fi; we want to hear from you about the ITS Computing Labs, or PODs, myCourses, printing (print@binghamton) and any other technology related services on campus.

Technology improvements start with YOU. If you haven’t taken the Wi-Fi survey please visit the following link: