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ITS is fortunate to be working on these latest, greatest, NEW and EXCITING projects!

ITS is fortunate to be working on these latest, greatest, NEW and EXCITING projects!

From fall to this spring semester, ITS has been working on some new and exciting projects. Most recently, we have adopted Docker, a tool that makes it easier to build and run applications by using containers. Previously, VMWare was used to deploy independent virtual servers in support of our enterprise applications such as Banner. It’s a reliable software, but the whole process is time-consuming — these servers take days to configure and they are prone to small variances in build. Docker saves us time, energy and money. Each of Docker’s containers combines both user software and its dependencies in a standard unit for software development using the same virtual servers. This has benefited our Banner infrastructure and our BUBrain application. Eight containers have now been deployed across two new virtual servers.

These are the sort of improvements we make on a regular basis to help save a lot of time and frustration. Other IT-related improvements we have been busy with since the end of fall semester 2019 include:

  • Added additional sign-in option to SSL VPN website called BU DOMAIN USERS

  • Google added new Chrome tool that protects users’ passwords  - a “Password Checkup” feather that warns users if their username and password may have been compromised in a data breach

  • External email tags to help combat problematic impersonation and phishing email messages

  • Windows 7 is no longer supported on campus

  • Public Computing Area (PODs) software upgrades/additions, all are PCs running Windows 10

  • Microsoft Windows 10 critical update

  • myCourses updated email settings

  • KNOWBE4 required security training was initiated

  • Expanded Wi-Fi coverage via campus feedback

  • Replaced PCs in the Science Library

  • Replaced LNG 103 Linux computers with Windows computers and a Virtual Linux Lab

  • Upgraded Office 2019 in computer labs

  • Replaced Macs in Bartle Info Commons and AAG14

  • Replaced printers in Bartle Info Commons

  • Modified 7 Print@Binghamton printers to be "Release Stations" so students can see their queue before it prints

  • Upgraded Academic A computer labs with new ITS signage 

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