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CONNECT TO EDUROAM NOW and SCORE BIG with your Wi-Fi Connection!

Eduroam is replacing BUsecure. Eduroam is the secure wireless network used by universities and research institutions across the world. As a Binghamton University student, faculty or staff member, you can use your PODs computer login to access eduroam at any participating location. Click here to view thousands of institutions world-wide!

Connecting to eduroam is easy. Use the “JOINNOW” tool NOW to connect your device to the eduroam wireless network. Once connected to eduroam, you can access any eduroam Wi-Fi network - whether you’re on campus, downtown, or sending a selfie from Thailand thousands of miles away. Eduroam is a secure worldwide Wi-Fi expanded network, which provides the same network access and security as BUsecure. With eduroam, no matter where you are your information is safe and secure with us. While you’re at another location, your authentication request is securely forwarded back to the Binghamton University servers to verify your identity and provides encryption certificates. So don’t worry and make the switch today because BUsecure will no longer be available after February 5, 2019. Stay connected with eduroam.

Questions? For more information, contact the Help Desk at or 607-777-6420, or visit