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WiFi Roaming with Eduroam

What is eduroam?

Eduroam is a network of WiFi hotspots, available world-wide at participating educational and research institutions. As a Binghamton University Faculty, Staff or Student you can use your Binghamton University Computer Account to securely sign on to Eduroam at any participating institution that advertises the eduroam WiFi network. This includes over 500 institutions within the United States (a complete list is available here), and thousands world-wide! (the world wide list is here)
Why did Binghamton University join eduroam?
By being a part of the eduroam federated WiFi network, we can help to do our part to simplify WiFi access both for our University constituents as they visit other campuses, and for constituents from other campuses that are visiting us. Once you configure your device to use eduroam once, that's it, you are all set to begin using the eduroam WiFi network ANYWHERE that it is available. To configure your device to use eduroam now, click here.
How does eduroam work?
Eduroam is a secure, encrypted WiFi network. In fact, for Binghamton University Faculty, Staff and Students it provides the same exact WiFi security as our busecure network, whether you are using it on campus or off. If a Binghamton University constituent does happen to be using it while on a Binghamton University campus, it provides the same network access levels as busecure. So you are free to use either, and receive the same level of service!
While visiting another institution, your authentication request is securely forwarded back to Binghamton University servers to verify your identity and provide encryption certificates, then you are placed on that institution's data network. While you are visiting that institution you are subject to their policies and the access levels that they provide for visiting eduroam members.
So feel free to configure your device, and enjoy hassle free secure WiFi at all participating eduroam member institutions!