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TECHNOLOGY AT BINGHAMTON: A walk through the past to the present.

Technology at Binghamton:
A walk through the past to the present.

Computer Center, SUNY Binghamton 1987

Binghamton University has always been a pioneer in technological innovations and implementations, having been labeled as an R1 research grade University. Research universities are classified as R1, meaning it's considered one of the most organizationally complex and prestigious with very high research activity. Binghamton University has always been technologically sound throughout the years.

June 6th, 2022 will mark the 76th anniversary of SUNY Binghamton University. Once known as the Triple Cities Community College, it was founded in 1946 as a two-year college for veterans of World War II. Endicott's old Colonial Hall off Main St. in Endicott, NY served as the campus's primary facility. It was integrated into the State University of New York in 1950, and its name was then changed to Harpur College. In 1954, 387 acres of land was purchased which is now Binghamton University. Currently, the campus has a total area of 930 acres and a plethora of technological resources. 

Computer Center, 1983

Technology Hub, 2022

ITS and the Help Desk are now conveniently located in The Technology Hub. It is nestled in the middle of campus between the Glenn Bartle Library, Watson Engineering and Fine Arts buildings.ITS supports teaching, learning, research and student experience across the Binghamton University campuses, helping students with any tech issues or consultation they may require to enhance their learning experience.

Current map location of the Technology Hub, 2022

Binghamton University has always been ahead of the game concerning technological advancements, thereby facilitating the students, faculty and staff with best in class technological resources. From the usage of Magnetic Tapes in 1983, to the usage of IBM 3380 disk drive in 1987, to using virtual cloud storage spaces now; from the usage of IBM 3090 to using the modern windows and mac computers. 


Left: IBM 3097 water distribution unit at Binghamton; Right: IBM 3380 Hard Disk Unit

IBM 3090 at SUNY Binghamton, 1987

The IBM 3090 was truly a major technical advancement in 1987, bringing in the power to function three times faster than the previous fastest machine IBM 4381 BINGVMB. With time, Binghamton’s technology strength and power multiplied magnanimously facilitating students, faculty and staff with the best in class resources.

Picture of the current Public Computer Lab in Bartle Information Commons

ITS completed and upgraded Data Center

located in the basement of the Technology Hub, 2022

Currently, we have an updated high end Data Center in the Technology Hub, multiple public computing labs around campus to provide everyone with the convenient resources. The Labfind app can be used to find available workstations and software in real time. 

Visit the Student Technology help page regarding current updated information on hardware, software, getting connected, etc. Just starting your semester at Binghamton? Review our “getting started” Tech Checklist!

The ITS Help desk, previously called the Computer Center Help Desk, has always been welcoming and resourceful throughout the years. ITS has always been staffed with skilled professionals to cater to the tech needs of the students, faculty and staff across campus. ITS is your one stop solution for all tech related queries and concerns while at Binghamton University. 

Throwback to one of our creatives from the SUNY Binghamton
Computer Center News Queue, October 1987

Current social creative outreach graphic for students,
faculty and staff requiring tech assistance.

How often do you use the printing services on campus?

Did you know? The DEC LNΦ3 was the first laser printer installed at the University in 1987, facilitating everyone at the university to avail a laser quality output for the first time. Now, we have more than 20 student printing locations with the modern printing facilities enabling students to print required documents accordingly without any hassle. Learn more about the university printing services here:

A photo of the DEC LNΦ3 SUNY Binghamton, 1987

XEROX B/W Printer, Info Commons, SUNY Binghamton, 2022

As technology has advanced, so have the hackers and scammers. So, it is extra important to stay up to date with our latest phishing information. Stay Cybersecure! REVIEW the ITS Information Security page and PHISH TANK on a regular basis so you are aware of just exactly how to spot a scam, what scams are going around and the best ways to avoid them. Also, you can learn tips on how to stay cybersecure. ALWAYS forward any suspicious messages to and as soon as possible.

For tech help or assistance, please review the ITS website, as there is plenty of self-help there and in our blog - - and then contact the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-420 or