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Time to change your password?

When is the last time you changed your password?
If it has been 3-6 months or even longer since you changed your password, best to  change it right now. Information Technology Services has recently seen a marked increase in compromised email accounts mainly due to outdated or overused passwords still being utilized. Security pundits recommend changing all passwords at least every six months. Go to the link below to change your Binghamton University email password. Consider using a password manager.

How can I tell if my current or future password choices are safe? Go to this vetted site that can tell you if a password has been compromised:

This secure site will look at a partial or complete password and tell you if it has or hasn’t been previously compromised. Any compromised password should not be used.


Two-Step Verification

Set up 2-Step Verification by clicking on the Binghamton University logo in the upper right corner of the BMail web page and select the Google Account button. On the account page, select the Security menu from the left and select 2-Step Verification to get started with the process...

Two-step verification is a process that involves two authentication methods performed one after the other to verify that someone or something requesting access is who or what they are declared to be. For information on Two-Step Verification and Two-Step Authentication, visit this page.

Start with the DON'Ts and apply the DO's and you'll stay safe and secure from phishing attacks. It is for YOUR technology security and peace of mind.

Direct all questions or concerns to the Help Desk at 607-777-6420.

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