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ITS Computer Lab and Printing Update for Fall Semester Social Distancing in Computer Lab (POD) and Print Areas

ITS Computer Lab and Printing Update for Fall Semester Social Distancing in Computer Lab (POD) and Print Areas - UPDATED 9/07/20



We have designated computers that will be available for use to ensure that there is enough social distancing between work areas. Do not sit at computers that are labeled for social distancing. Open work areas in computer labs such as Information Commons and ITS classrooms will have reduced number of computers available, so please plan ahead. We have covered the keyboards for easy disinfection. Students are expected to use the 2 oz. bottle of sanitizer and their microfiber cloths to wipe down the keyboard/mouse before they use it. Buildings have refill stations where students can refill their sanitizer bottle if they run out. Lab Consultants will have sanitizing wipes to wipe down stations/printers/desks.

What is the best way to disinfect? SPRAY THE DISINFECTANT ON A CLEAN CLOTH AND USE THAT CLOTH TO WIPE DOWN THE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE. Disinfectant wipes are also convenient, and can be thrown in the trash upon usage. Also, WASH HANDS before and after using a public computer and/or printer.


You may find it difficult to access printers due to reduced building hours and social distancing regulations. We ask that you follow Health & Safety guidelines when waiting for a printer including maintaining 6 ft of space in line and wearing a mask. We recommend you bring and use a personal printer in your room.  Keep in mind that printing in lab areas may be limited and not as feasible for your use while social distancing and safety regulations are in order. If you do need to use an ITS maintained student printer, plan ahead so you do not have any issues getting your work printed on time. Registered students will continue to receive their print credits for the semester. 

Lab Assistants

Assistants be available in Academic A and the Bartle Information Commons, but may not be available the entire time the building is open. If you have an immediate request, please contact the ITS Help Desk. 

Basic Computer Lab Information

Go to the Computing Lab Directory to see what hardware is available, and then click on the LiveMap link to see the latest software, and what computer workstations are available as capacity is limited for social distancing. Click on the BeThere link to see schedule. It’s suggested to plan ahead if you need to use a computer lab or printing. We also have the LabFind app, a new mobile app that is part of our LiveMaps Real-Time Computer Availability software to help find available computers in our open areas. You can use LabFind to get directions to available computers in real-time, find specialized software and discover additional resources like printers and scanners.

Please check for updates on the ITS website at:  If you have any questions, contact the Help Desk  ( at 777-6420 or